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Updated COVID-19
Actinic keratoses (a pre-cancerous skin condition)
AI engine review of donsnotes
Updated US deficit charts
Dove Nest Cam
Snow load (weight-density)
Updated US States Cumulative Death Rates
Added McBride Cabin Snow
Snow on Roofs.
Added Religion My Reawakening
Quest for the Historical Jesus
Mar: Added Tahoe Snow Information
Feb: Added french drain
Added pictures
Added Homewood Mountain Resort Plans
Jan: Updated Narcissistic Persality Disorder (NPD)

Back Yard Design
Added gaslighting (word of the year) and Metaverse to my 21st century glossary
Adam Smith
Gun Violence
Dealing with Rust
Beginner Ukulele
Citrus Heights Schools 1954 yearbook
Hoarding Disorder
Bike Tire Puncture Protection
RVs Recreational Vehicles Leisure Travel, Adventure Vans, camper vans
2022 North Central California Fires
Arthur Joseph Babineau McBride in
Updated Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) to show CDC data and Davis wastewater testing shows that only 10% of cases are reported as of June, 2022 and actual rates are near their highs in January 2022.

Updated Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19)
Updated Ultrasonic Pest Repellers
National Risk Index (NRI)
Granite Finishes
Moss Beach
COVID Vaccination
Added 2021 capital insurrection following 2020 election

updated Almonds
Added Sunnyside-Homewood-Tahoma Real Estate
Added Mattress Toppers
Updated Civil Discourse
Added Air Quality Index
Added California Fire History and 2020 North Central California Fires
Updated Herb Patullo
Feel Good Brain Chemicals And Activities To Produce Them
Sous Vide Cookers
Less Crowded Beaches at Lake Tahoe
Updated Internet Browsers
Updated Wi-Fi routers to include Wi-Fi 6 and mesh networking
Added A Brief History of slavery and U.S. Racism
UCD Arboretum
Fact Checking - Fake News
Sleep Apps
Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) | Personal Protection Equipment
Sacramento Area Outings
Added 911 World Trade Tower collapse to my Water Tank portfolio
Added Samsung TV notes
Updated Skis & Ski Boots
Added Brainstorming
Updated USB
Added Charging Stations
Added Crepey - Wrinkled Skin to skin in health

Arthur McBride
Updated Bedding
Baby Monitors
Amazon Alexa Show Smart Display
Wyze Camera
Added Infant Sleep
Added Caregiver Education

Added Stick Vacuums
Added Twitter Notes
Updated Parenthood
Updated Pain Management
Added Electric Vehicles
Added Acupuncture
Updated Emojis with Emoji 12
Added Bike Racks
Added a Jimi Hendrex' "Star Spangled Banner"
Updated Back Pain Treatment with CBD, Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) and Acupuncture
Added Most Common Surnames in the world
Updated Drones > DJI Spark
Updated Heat Cramps, Exhaustion, Stroke
Updated Carry-on-Luggage
Updated Sacramento Area (Davis) - Outings
Never Underestimate
Skillets / Pans Stainless/copper vs cast iron
Davis 4th of July Criterium Bike Race
Seasoning grills and cast iron pans
Updated UCD Arboretum
Updated Temperature: Heat Index and Wind chill
Updated 2000 Glossary - Terms you should know in the 21st century
Added City Energy Data
Updated Bike Locks
Updated UC Davis Stolen Bike Notes
Updated Interest Rates
Updated Generations
Updated music play notes via chromecast audio
Updated Google Home Mini notes
DNA Genealogy tests
Christian Glossary of Terms
Added Haute Route and Tom's Route
Added North Central California Faults
Added "Free Solo" - Climbing Movie
Updated Credit Score
Added Most Sinful States
Updated Hawaii
Updated Browsers
Added Telephone Company History

Dec '18
Added Wireless phone chargers
Added Tesla Home Charging
Added Pathways, Garden Walks
Added Leather Care
Added Party Mix (Our family calls them pickins)
Added Apple Watch Series 4 Health functions
Added Church Attendance
Added Bike Locks
Added Bike helmets
Added Repairing a PVC irrigation pipe
Added Kill Lawn for a Drought Resistant yard
Added Storage Solutions
Added Watchung Mountains
Added McBrides Rock Climbing
Updated Verizon FIOS
Updated Middlebrook Washington Rock, Added McBrides Rock
Updated News Information Page
Added iPhone camera apps
Added Shipping a Car (auto transport)
Updated iPhone battery isues
Updated 21st Century Glossary
Added Clean the screen or your phone, tablet, computer, lenses or glasses
Updated Facebook
Added Repairing Woodpecker Damage
Added Procrastination
Updated Air Filters
Added Make your Web pages mobile-friendly
Added Elastic Exercise Resistance Bands
Added Brain Power (Focus - Alzheimers - Memory loss)
Added 10 Minutes of Yoga to Jumpstart Your Work Day
Added Autonomous Cars

Added Smart Speakers (Digital assistants, (Amazon Alexa echo and dot, Google Home, ...)
Added Scents for selling your house
Added Millennium Towers in San Francisco is sinking
Updated Mass Murders
Added 2017 Napa & Sanoma Co fires
Updated Hawk Watch
Added Banana Oreo Ice Cream to recipes
Added Somerset County NJ Real Estate Market to Home Sale
Added Mobile service in China
Added Artificial Intelligence
Added 21st Century Glossary
Added Denver Area Hikes
Added Viewing the sun
Added Home Made Ice Cream
Added Aug 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse
Added Middlebrook Washington Rock
Updated Poison Ivy
Added Drugs listing the 20 most common drug classes.
Added blenders
Updated Food Storage Guide to show tomatoes should be refrigerated after 1 day.
Added Bunions
Updated Trailer Hitch
Added Coax Cable Termination
Updated Washington's Army Middlebrook Encampment
Building loads - (Load bearing capacity of your attic)
Watering and Sprinkler/watering timers
Caring for Stainless Steel pans
Electrical Outlet wiring
Anti-science - Liberals and Conservatives

Medications for anxiety, depression, ...
Updated Famous Rock climbers on the death of Royal Robbins
Oroville Dam flooding danager.
Added chumsearch browser hijacker notes
Updated Presidential Ratings
Added Wireless Routers
Added EarWax
Updated Home Automation Products
Added Movers and Moving costs
Added Voice activated Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home)
Added 2016 Election Exit Polls
Added 2016 Running Shoes
Added Election Results and Swing State predictions
Updated Smart Phone cases
Added Election Hype, updated 2016 Election polls
Added DiSC personality types
Added Cooktops
Added Historical Presidential Election results since 1948

Updated Athletic Shoes with Runners World Fall 2016 shoe guide
Added Payment Scams eBay, craigslist
Added Memory requirements for smartphones and tablets
Added Conservative Christians and Republicans
Added Noise Canceling Headphones to headphones
Updated Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Added Fireproof Storage Boxes
Added Personal legal documents - Wills, power of attorneys, ...
Federal Public Lands (National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, ...)
Added Omega-3 Fatty Acids in nutrition
Updated Stents

Added Tomatoes
Updated Lifestyle in Health
Updated Bird Watching Counts
Updated Wi-Fi
Added Intergroup Strife
Added Brand icons/emojis
Added U.S. Hate Groups
Updated Islam
Updated Caulk and Selants
Updated Programming Languages
Added Roofing Shingles
Added Ancient Middle east
Updated Washington Campground Association - Washington's Birthday Meeting
Updated Mount Rose Topo Map
Added Ridesharing-Uber-Lyft-Taxi
Updated Supreme Court
Added Spirituality, Mindfulness, Personal Growth... references under Religion
Added TV antennas
Updated Emojis for unicode version 8 emojis in Android 6 and iOS 9
Added Get Browser and OS Version
Added Bridgewater, NJ Emergency contacts
Added Fitness or Activity Trackers
Added Jewish Diaspora & Holly Land Occupation
(The dispersion of Jews out of their ancestral homeland)
Added Remapping Europe and the Middle East after World War I
Added Newton's Amazing Eggnog recipe
Added Scottish stores and events in New Jersey
Added Removing Stuck Wood Screws
Added Lost Item Trackers

Split the Mattress page into Specific Mattress and selection
and General Information and construction
Added Problems with Memory Foam Mattresses to the Mattress page
Updated Jello Salad and Mashed Potato Recipes
Added Gift Guide
Added Sleep Aids
Updated Home Automation
Added Cordless Electric Screwdrivers and Impact drivers
Added Snow Ski Technology
Updated Skinfold Body Fat Measurement
Added House Paint Colors
Added House for sale
Added Cordless Battery powered Saws
Updated living expenses by location and family size
Added an index to symbol and icon pages
Added Moving Sale - lots of free stuff
Updated Chimney Rock Hawk Watch Statistics
Added History of Market Declines and People - Gurus to Investing
Added Aspirin Therapy news to Cardiovascular disease.
Added Strength Training to the running page
Added Emojis
Added Bluetooth Speakers
Updated US Open Tennis
Added Biking GPSs
Added Google's New Operating Structure
Updated Perseid meteor Shower for 2015 Thu. Aug, 13 4AM - Best meteor shower in years.
Updated Handheld GPSs
Added Air Conditioners
Updated Peter's Brook greenway
Added High Gas Mileage AWD cars page
Updated Tennis
Added Subaru buying tips
Updated Auto Buying Guide
Updated Supreme Court Decisions with Obergefell vs Hodges (Gay Marriage)
Updated Mobile Phones
Added Ecuador
Updated Retirement Money Management and associated spread sheet
Added Removing rusted bolts to jeep maintenance
Added Electromagnetic Storm Events Apr-May 2015 to Astronomical Events
Added Financial Charts
Updated email clients with market share data
Updated Judgement, Salvation and Eternal Life
Added Tooth problem causes sinusitis
Updated Judgement, Salvation and Eternal Life
Updated World Population with projected population growth by continent this century
Updated Exercising heart rate
Updated Blogs
Added RFID and NFC (chips in credit cards, ID cards, Apple Watch, etc.)
and Electronic article surveillance (EAS) (Anti-shoplifting Devices)
Added Texting and Phone apps for your laptop and tablet
Added Fluorescent lights and updated lighting
Added NJ Sierra Club - Raritan Valley Group Archive
Added Duct Tape
Added 7-8" tablets to smart-phone and tablet page
Added Snowshoes
Added Proper home humidity level
Added Snow removal - tips - Shovels and Ice removal and traction products (salt, sand, ...)
Added Dietary supplements (Multivitamins)
Added Information about the 2014-15 Mescalito Dawn Wall Climb to Yosemite Climbing
Added Classic items I've owned at my personal web site
Added Comet Lovejoy
Added Mac Keyboard Shortcuts - Key Sequences
Added Smart Watches
Added Best Places to live for recreation and outdoor activities to Best Places
Added Merry Christmas
Added Cabin Tree damage
See also Black Friday 2014 -
Added Mashed Potatoes
Added Blogging
Added Retirement Money Management
Added Freemasonry
Added Wealth Gap - Income Disparity
Added Thunderbolt and USB 3 Data Transfer rates to Hard Disks
Updated Mobile Phone Technologies to include 4G
Added Oil and Gas Transportation
Added Composting
Added Video Sources
Updated Chimney Rock Hawk Watch
Added Smart Phone Cases
Updated Tennis
Added Symbols and Icons
Added Columbia Trail & Ken Lockwood Gorge
Added The Water Tank Project to NYC Rooftop Water Tanks
Added Helmets
Updated Fonts
Added Plaques and Signs
Added Digital Media
Added Weeds/Invasives you can eat
Added Religious Symbols
Updated Sleeping Pads in camping equipment
Added Freedom

Added How to read and understand a scientific paper
Added The Orion Constellation
Added Celestial Coordinate System
Added Lead Paint issues in San Francisco Rental Property
Added Sunset District, San Francisco
Added The Pledge of Allegiance (under God)
Added Portfolio of rooftop water tanks in New York City
Updated Bible Apps
Added Summary of IPCC Working Group II report on Climate Change
Added Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITB)
Added Running
Added index to Sports Injuries here
Updated GPS
Added Ancient Writings and Law
Added Ancient Middle East maps with bible locations
Added East Coast Greenway in New Jersey
Added Snowfall data to NE New Jersey and NYC weather
Updated iPhone/iPad Apps
Added Emergency Medical Care near Bridgewater, NJ
Updated feet and Athletic Shoes
Updated Washington Campground Association on the Middlebrook Encampment page
Added Sourland Mountain
Added Scottish Dancing
Added Extension Cords - Capacity (Amps) - Length - Size
Added Plumbing
Added New Jersey Facts
Added Foods for Health
Added my personal electronic filing system to Reference/Classification.
Added Raspberry Pi a single board computer for hobbyists
Added Google Glass is a wearable computer with head mounted display for Augmented Reality (AR)
Added Verizon FiOS network configuration
Added Fraud reporting page
Added Wildlife Photography
Added photo apps in Android apps and iPhone/iPad apps
Added Light Bulbs
Added Vitamins you shouldn't take to Alternative Medicine
Added iOS and android version history to Operating Systems
Added first frost dates to Gardening
Added Computer Operating Systems
Added Bookmarklets to the javascript page
Added Programming Languages
Added Refinishing Teak
Updated Chimney Rock Hawk Watch
Added America's Cup
Added Violin Tuning
Added Mulching
Updated Duke Farms
Added Geocaching to GPS and Map Apps for tablets and smart phones
Added Geocaching in Recreation
Updated Backpacks
Added Stain Removal
Added Exploding Lithium batteries in laptops
Added Fundraising sites to Social Networking
Added Lawn Watering
Added GPS and Map Apps for tablets and smart phones
Added Preparing for a 5K race
Added Wind Power
Added Cicadas
Added Cosmetic Dentistry
Added The Raritan River
Added Water
Added Gopher Control
Updated Mt. Everest
Added Painting preparation and primers.
Updated Internet TV (Streaming video)
Added Alternative medicine for infammation
Added Why is car mileage lower in the winter
Added List of sites similar to Don's Notes
Added Wine Glasses
Updated Facebook
Updated Mold and Mildew
Added Meditation
Updated Top Social Networking sites
Updated Probiotics
Updated School shootings
Added Java 7 security vulnerability
Updated the Flu page and added Flu Recovery Diet
Added Alternative Therapies (Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Reflexology, Reike, Shiatsu, ...)
Added Men and Women after 50 - People looking for relationships in the 2nd half of their lives.
Added Google Maps vs MapQuest
What Shapes Political views (Conservatives and Liberals Have Different Brains)
Sprains and Strains
Added My favorite football teams and players
Updated Market share for smart phones
Added Hurricane Sandy
Added Willie Mays
Updated Hawk Watching
Added Science and Politics
Added Coffee & Coffee Grinders
Added Knees
Added Novato
Added Iceland
Updated Chimney Rock Hawk Watch
Added Transatlantic Cruise
Added International Telephone Calling
Added Consciousness Models (Spiral Dynamics, Hierarchy of needs, Moral development)
Added Pay with your mobile phone or tablet
Added Technology Adoption Cycles to IT overview
Updated Sierra Club Introduction to Backacking 2012
Added Dublin
Added High Sierra Dangers (bears, rattlesnakes, ticks, mountain lions, poison oak)
Updated Climbing Protection
Added Sam's Point Preserve and Ice Cave hiking
Added Truckee River Basin water statistics
Added Food-Drug interaction
I just got a prescription for Ciprofloxacin HCL for a sinus infection which said,
"Don't take with dairy products", but didn't define "with".
Updated Tahoe conservation to show recent clarity results
and water flow (inflow/outflow) data
Updated Evolution to show last significant genetic change in humans (brains)
50,000 years ago Behavioral modernity or the "Social Brain Hypothesis"
allowed humans to progress socially.
Updated the web summary to show major trends in web usage
Updated tennis stats with results of the French Open.
Nadal moved into a tie for 4th with 11 Grand Slam Wins.
Maria Sharapova got her career Grand Slam.
Added Bear protocol for New Jersey
Added Downloading e-Books and other eMedia to eReaders
Added Dandruff
Added Night / Low Light Photography
Added Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Blogger, ...)
Added Map sources for hiking trails, adventure,
Updated Political Polarization
Added Webinar Web Conferencing services
Updated Yosemite
Added Racial-Cultural mix of US population
Added Medical ID tags (wristbands, pendants, watches, USB flash sticks, ...)
Added Levels of Knowledge
Added Levels of Moral Development
Added New Jersey Cultural Map
Added Warranties
Added Primary Schedule & Delegate Allocation to 2012 Republican Primaries
Added Cloud Computing
Added Mobile Device History
Updated Tablets
Added Water damage to mobile devices (phones, tablets)
Added North Central and South Central California map and sights
Added The Name of God
Added Optimum viewing angle for home theater projector screens
Updated Facebook notes
Added a tolerance page
Added 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates
Added Computer Interface for people who are mobility impaired
Added Religious Tolerance
Added Computer Software
Updated Marathons
Updated New York City page and sports facility pages
Yankee Stadium, Citi Stadium & Natl. Tennis Cntr., Meadowlands, Prudential Center
Added American Inovation
Added Donating Blood
Added Davis Area venues - weddings, receptions, parties, commemorative and memorial services

Added Patriotic Songs
Added to Updated Important People List to include Shakespeare authorship controversy

Added a page on Steve Jobs
Added Driving from NY to Colorado
Updated What's New for Brooke and Tom's wedding with links to photos
Fixed link in Brooke and Tom's Charity Registry
Added Fall Activities in sights for Brooke and Tom's wedding
Added a link to Inside Jersey's Bucket List
Added Driving from Northern California to NY
Added Men's suits
Added Video Projection Screens
Added 911 Memorial and the new World Trade Center
Added shopping malls to Local Area Info. for Kingston - Rhinebeck NY
Added the Hudson River page
Updated Camping Food
Added Bay Circuit Trail around Boston to Top Hiking Trails
Added Richmond, CA
Added Somerset Co, NJ Utility Information for Hurricane Irene
Outage Information: PSE&G | Cablevision - OptimumOnline | Verizon

Added Storage Sheds
Added Outdoor Deaths
Added Stanislaus NF Area Fishing
Added Sonora
Added Gem Lake
Updated Water Purification
Added bee stings
Added Hiking Gadgets
Updated Introduction to Backpacking trip
Updated Sunglasses
Updated Best hikes in America
Added Toilet paper in the back country
Added Windows Performance Optimization
Added Appalachian Trail Information
Added Tablet Styluses
Added Help & tips (Quick Reference User Guides, Simplified manuals, ) for some of my toys
Added Sierra Club AT Backpack Trip Notes
Updated Solar Chargers
Added Web Browser Information
Added Windows 7 to PC Software
Added Bible apps for mobile devices.
Added Environmental Quotes
Added Ants and Ant Control
Added Tremont, CA to the site
Updated Brooke and Tom's Wedding
Added Best iPad Apps
Updated Verizon Smart Phones
Added New York City
Added Snyder v. Phelps et al (Westboro Baptist Church) Supreme Court Decision
Added Javascript overview
Added Tennis Shoes
Added Brooke and Tom in the Alps
Added Tablet computers
Added Dutchess & Ulster County NY Lodging
Added AT Backpack trip
Updated Catskills
Added Poughkeepsie
Added Hominid fossils and archeological sites
Updated Primates in Evolution
Added Church Organization
Added Moral development and Conscience
Added Updated Amtrak maps for Midwest and Mid-Atlantic
Added What to wear beneath your kilt on the kilts page
Added News - Blog ratings conservative - liberal and Technology News
Updated weather with Central NJ (Bridgewater) Hourly Temperature profile and Averages
Added Internet TV
Added National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Added Blu-Ray Disc players
Added My Christmas message
Added Brooke and Tom's Wedding
Updated Chiropractic Spinal decompression therapy (Vertebral Axial Decompression & IDD)
Added Kilts

Added Most powerful people in the world
Updated military mail addresses at Address Format
Added Best stores/websites for Electronics and Cmputers
Added Hudson Valley, NY
Updated NetBook computers
Added Newsweek's Power 50 - Political Talk Show Hosts, Journalists, Former Politicians
Updated Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Added Non-stick cookware - Skillets - Frying pans
Added U.S. Balance of power President - Congress
Hallelujah chorus at Macy's Philadelphia - Random Acts of Culture
2010 Election Results
Updated Hiking Boots with Hiking boot odor solutions
AMC Mohician Center - Racoon Ridge maps - links
Added Sleeping Bags
Added Athletic Shoes
Updated Lawns
Added MIT
Added New Jersey - New York ARC tunnel and Moynihan Station
Updated New Jersey Event Calendar
Added Famous People and Institutions from New Jersey
Added Microsoft Windows Registry Repair
Added Glasgow, Milngavie, Fort William and Ben Nevis , Scotland
Added Sierra Club West Highland Way Outing
Added Photo Sharing Web sites
Updated Scotland page
Updated Hawk Watch
updated Mobil phone service providers
Updated Scotch Whiskey
Added West Highland Way, Scotland
Updated Important People List
Added Famous Scots
Updated Hiking, Trekking, Camping
Added hiking Difficulty, Speed and distance
Updated the Canada, Montreal, New Brunswick and New Mills, NB pages
Updated tires
Added blisters
Updated Universe (Big Bang, expansion, Dark Energy, ...)
Updated Mt. Tallac map and trails
Added Our July 4th adventure on Mt. Tallac

Added Tuckerman's Ravine
Added Crooked Lakes Trail (N. Sierra Nevada) (Hwy 20 to Bowman Rd. to Carr Lake)
Updated historic snow depth for Soda Springs
Added Head (brain/craninum) disorders in health
and Brain Exercises
Updated Supreme Court
Updated Bible Topics to add wealth
Added Stethoscopes
Added Hypothermia
Added Timeline for BP oil platform spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Added World's best Treks and Climbs
Added My favorite Republicans
Added Donner Summit Search and Rescue (TBSP) Mar. 2010
Added Energy Timeline
Added Did Moses write Genesis and the other books of the Torah?
Added Energy Problems and Solutions
Added Disinfectants
Updated Neuro anatomy and Back/Spine - Problems - Pain - Surgery
Added Humidifier Information
Added Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission to Famous Supreme Court Decisions
Updated Religion and Politics
added snow depth plots to Tahoe weather
added Colds (causes, prevention, treatment, ...)
added Winter Olympics TV schedule
added Dismal Swamp Map
Updated Religion
Added Mini and Personal Computer History
Updated e readers with Apple iPad
Added foot problems
Added Severe California Weather Warning Jan. 18 - Feb. 6
Updated Atmospheric Science
Reorganized Science
Added Saving San Francisco Bay
Added Christmas Bible Trivia Quiz
Added Gutter Protection
Added eReaders (Nook, Kindle, ...) for e-Books
Updated Winter 4 wheeling at Off-road tips

Added U.S. Budget - Spending - Deficit - Taxes
Thanksgiving Cartoons
Updated Chimney Rock Hawk Watch with season stats.
Updated flu page with H1N1 info
Added Rock Climing Thin-crack protection

Added Polyethylene and Polypropylene to glue page
Updated Ansel Adams page
Added Skiing History
Added Muir Woods and Angel Island
Updated Backpacks
Updated Afghanistan - Deaths
Added Food Storage Guidelines
Added Andy Rooney's Tips for Handling Telemarketers
Added Protectants & Waterproofing (for rubber, vinyl, plastic, synthetics, cars,
clothing, shoes, tents, ...)
Updated Healthcare
Added Orbits for Satellites (GPS, TV, phone), Space Station, ...
Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and Satellite GPS Messenger - Personal Tracker
Added Back/Spine - Problems - Pain - Surgery & Chiropractors
Added Golden Gate National recreation Area Conservation
Added Conservationists - Environmentalists
Added California Earthquakes and Faults: North, South
Added overpayment check scam example
Added warning about e-mail spam/virus - "Sent you photos on Tagged :)"
Updated Internet Phone Service (VoIP)
Added Google search tips
Added to Tahoe Events
Added Golden Gate National Recreation Area Map and updated Marin page
Added Fly Fishing - Basic Insect Entomology
Updated Laptops with netBooks (mini-laptops)
Added search
Illegal Immigration stats
Added Internet Phone Service
Added Tick removal and Lyme Disease
Updated History of Man
Updated Evolution
Added People with links to Historical people, Athletes, Celebrities, ..
Updated Mail Address Format with list of abbreviations
Updated Photography with digital camera image sensor sizes and
Megapixel requirements for print sizes
Updated Secure e-mail
Added Department of State with links to travel advisories, per-diems, ...
Added Shipping Costs
Added Post Modernism
Added Charity Donations
Added Beer, Beer Ratings and Wine
Updated Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom Stats
Added Scotch drinks and coctails
Added S Vermont SKi Areas and N. Vermont - New Hampshire Ski Areas
Updated Boiling eggs
Added Cross Country Skiing
Added Ski Gloves
Added Adirondack Region
Added Transferring Applications to a new Mac
Added Gay Marriage
Added Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation effects on health
Added Tipping
Added Pet care and products
Added BLuetooth Headseets
Added Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom Stats
Added Real Estate Prices
Added Marathons
Updated Apple and Pumpkin pie recipes.
Updated My elected officials
Updated 2008 Election
Added Drycleaning solvents to laundry symbols
Added High Altitude Tips
Updated firewood prices at Tahoe
Updated Power outtage tips at Tahoe Cabin notes
Updated Hydrocarbons (Fuels, Solvents, ...)
Added 2008 Election
Updated Philadelphia

Updated fasteners (bolts/screws) with nut types
Updated Camp Stoves and added can alcolol stoves
Added Bird feeders (Squirrel-Proofing, food, ..)
Added Antelope, CA
Updated Investing
Added Blank DVDs
Added Millville NJ (NJ New Jersey Motorsports Park)
Added Crude oil and gas prices 1950-present
Updated Fly Fishing
Updated fish pond to include controlling pH
Added Sun Protection
Updated Sunglasses
Updated I-80 Gas Prices (Sacramento to Reno)
Added Water Containers - Hydration Systems
Added News
Updated Donner - Tahoe hikes
Added Dental Care
Added Recession and unemployment
Added Career Stats and Reference
Added ReelFeel Humidity Index for Somerville NJ
Added Dental School Acceptance criteria
Added Watkins Glen, NY
Added Salesmen vs Scientists (Faith vs Reason)
Added Sunglasses
Updated DSLR ratings
Added Food and the Environment
Added Household Spending
Updated Batteries in Home & Garden and Products
Added firefox notes
Updated earthquakes with latest California predictions
Added Ski Area operation dates to Tahoe Ski page
Updated Check Engine Light Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
Updated Mass Extinctions with new evidence on P-T extinction
250 Million years ago
Updated Tibet
Updated Size reference
Updated After market air filters - (jeeps)
Added History of the First Presbyterian Church of Roseville
Updated Iraq War
Updated Auto/Car Glossary of terms
Added Off-Road Videos
Added world rankings to Universities page
Updated Tornadoes
Added Aniak River Alaska Maps
Updated Alternative Medicine with Açaíacai Açaí Açaiberry info.
Added Address Formatting
Added Smoke Escape Hoods
Updated - Hurricanes
Updated - US Population and demographics by state
Added - Back Exercises
Added - Obesity by state
Added - Creation vs Evolution
Added - Hantavirus page
Video Projectors
HDTV - High Definition TVs - Flat Panel - Projection
updated Tennis stats
Updated world religion with non-belivers by country
Added - Counterfeit Drugs
Added - Tahoe - Donner Area News Sources
Added - Tahoe - Donner Area Development Projects
Added Perseid Meteor Shower
Updated Hardiness gardening zones with 2006 map
Added Tahoe Donner Regional Map
Added Internet Hoaxes, Fraud, & Scams
Added Heat Index and Wind chill
Added Education
Added Emergency Preparedness and Response
Updated Auto Racing
Added Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Added DNA / Genetics for Genealogy
Updated Iraq War
Added Languages
Added Green Living (Hybrid Cars, Green Buildings)
Added Investing
Updated Hot Web Sites
Added link to The Internet Crime Complaint Center (
on the On-line fraud and hoaxes page
Added Society: (Fraud, Scams, Etiquette...)
Added Carbon Monoxide
Updated Robert Burns Night page
Updated the off-road tires page with tread width and depth
Added measurement abbreviations to the Measurement page
Added U.S. President Ratings
Added Outdoor Emergency/Survival Products and Notes
Added Lightning safety
Added Solar Panels
Added Sunrise sunset (Dusk, Twilight, Azimuth, Solar Altitude
Added World Crime rates (Murders, Incarcerations)
Added Medical Service Costs
Added Assisted Care Costs, Insuranced
Added Mountain Sports Accidents - Avalanches, ...
Added Ladders
Added Woodpecker Control
Added Hawk Watching
Added Chinese Moon Festival
Added Screws, Bolts, Torque
Added House Painting
Updated Job page - clean-up and some new links.
Crreated Donner Pass Page
Added Tahoe Conservation
Added Sierra Club Clair Tappaan Lodge (Donner Summit) hikes, contacts, ...
Added Literature Genre and Retorical types
Added Supreme Court
Added Network Speed Test Page
Added Tennis Stats
Added Engine Coolant / Antifreeze
Added Ancient Iraq history
Updated The Landed Gentry of Somerset Hills NJ
Added Tahoe Area Emergency and Law/Regulation Enforcement contacts
Added I-80 Sierra Nevada Gas Prices
Added Famous Trials and Supreme Court Decisions and
Major Acts of Congress - Constitution - Amendments
Added Stress and Health page
Updated Nutrition with new USDA food pyramid
Added Backpack Tents
Updated Solar System to Sedna the 10th planet
Added Bear Safety
Added Taxonomy / Classification of life on earth.
Updated Illegal Immigrant data on the US Population page
Added Neuroscience
Added Mental Health
Added Flash memory cards.
Updated Map Site Examples Page
Added Electrical Wire sizes
Added Secure e-mail

Added Amateur (Ham) Radio
Added Coaxial Cable Information
Updated Hurricane page
Added Off-Road Tires
Added a Flu page
Updated Volcanoes page in response to the BBC and the Discovery Channel
docudrama and documentary, "Supervolcano", about Yellowstone.
Added Hurricane Katrina Page.
Added Gas Octane - Save $ by using regular.
Added Identity Theft
Added Best Places to Live
added Digital Music (MP3) Players
Added Conversion Factors and Equivalent Weights and Measures
Added Off Road Vehicle, Rock Climbing and Lacrosse to Recreation stats.
Updated Disasters page to show ongoing concerns (Conflicts in Iraq, Sudan, ...
, AIDS, bird flu, ...) in a separate section.
Added a page on autos Check Engine Light and Onboard Diagnostics (OBD)
Updated Tahoe City and Truckee Wi Fi Hotspots.
Updated Government Officials.
Updated Preventable causes of death stats with
revised CDC data for deaths from "poor diet and physical inactivity."
Added Summary of Indian Ocean Tsunami and Natural Disasters
Added Tsunamis
Added Natural Disasters with highest death toll since 1900

Added Windows XP Service Pack 2 Notes
Updated Earthquakes
Added Apples page.
Added Guidelines for safe computing to the Virus/Spyware/Security page
Added Classification Page with things like the Dewey Decimal Catalog,
Animal Taxonomy, Music Genre, ...
Added Baby Books
Added Train Travel Info page.
Added Heating Cost page.
Updated: Government Officials with new cabinet nominees.
Updated Mexico page with more information about states and cities.
Added 2004 election result summary.
Updated US Population data to include 2000 Census racial statistics.
Added Binoculars
Updated Life Expectancy
Added Baseball Scorecard links & Image
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Maoists set off bomb blasts set off on Sept. 15,
New Internet Cafe Regulations in China
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Added Tibetan Odyssey - Jewel in the Ice, Sierra Club Trip to Places/Tibet.
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