16 Night Westbound Transatlantic Cruise - Royal Caribbean

jewel of the seas
Ship: Jewel Of The Seas
Length       962 ft
Passengers 2,500
Crew         859
Speed    25 knots (29 MPH)  
 Harwich, UK Aug. 31, 2012  
 Boston, MA Sept. 16, 2012  
Deck Plan
Wi-Fi: $35/hr $0.65/min

Friendship tours
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Donna Millican 1-800-243-1630

Cruise Details

866 562-7625
800 398-9819 online check-in help

Emergency contact: To speak with a passenger onboard, the caller dials 1-888-RC4-SHIP (724-7447) (U.S. only) at a rate of $7.95 per minute.
The caller will next be prompted to enter his or her major credit card number and expiration date. You are then given a menu to select the ship name "Jewel Of The Seas".

Outgoing phone.
According to
AT&T provides roaming service at $5.99/min.
See International Telephone Usage

According to Life Onboard | RoyalCaribbean.org/faq, "North American standard, 110 volts AC is used on all of our ships."

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Ports of Call
Date Port Guides Tourist web page Port
Sat. 01-Sep 7AM-9PM Le Havre, France   www.normandie-tourisme.fr
Paris, France     Paris travel guide - Wikitravel
Sun. 02-Sep 7AM-4PM Portland (Dorset), UK   DorsetTouristGuide.com
Mon. 03-Sep 10AM-4:30PM Cork, Ireland     More cork-guide.ie
Tue. 04-Sep 5AM-11PM Dublin, Ireland     More dublin.ie/visitors.htm
Thu. 06-Sep 9AM-6PM Klaksvik, Faroe Islands
Sat. 8AM-Sun 5PM 8-9-Sep Reykjavik, Iceland More
Thu. 13-Sep 8AM-6PM St. John's, Newfoundland NewfoundlandLabrador
Sun. 16-Sep 7AM Boston, MA donsnotes.com
Weather September
Place Average Precip
High Low
Le Havre 66 55 2.6 65 58
Paris 69 52 2.1
Portland 65 50 2.5
Cork 61 49 3.8
Dublin 62 49 2.6 65 55
Klaksvik, Faroe Isl 53 46 4.7
Reykjavik 49 41 2.8 50 42
St. Johns 61 46 5.2
Boston 72 57 3.4
The ship hit a cable going into port at the Faroe Islands, breaking part of the mast and injuring a crew member. See details.

The cruise changed route twice because of tropical storms or hurricanes.
High seas from remnants of Hurricane Isaac and/or Gordon caused us to reroute to the east of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland on Wednesday 9/5.

Jewel rerouted on Monday 9/11 to avoid Hurricanes Leslie and Michael. Map

The captain, crew and Royal Caribbean were very efficient at dealing with these problems and keeping the passengers informed.

See NOAA | Hurricanes & Tropical Storms -
  August 2012 | September 2012
and Atlantic Crossings - Dangers | YachtPals.com It also took a detour to drop off a sick crew member at Halifax, NS, Canada. Video
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Jewel rerouted on Monday 9/11 to avoid Hurricanes Leslie and Michael. Map
RoyalCaribbean Transatlantic Cruise, Titanic wreck site
Mercator projection | Zoom Out | N. Atlantic with depth chart
Distances are in statute miles not nautical miles.
Cruise ships and ocean liner positions | sailwx.info
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City Code LatLng
Klaksvik, Faroe Islands KVI 62.2304, -6.5891
Reykjavík, Iceland REK 64.0690, -21.9816
St. John's, Newfoundland YYT 47.5604, -52.7054
Boston, MA BOS 42.336, -70.989
Distances Nm mi
Dublin to Klasvik 600 690
Klasvik to Reykjavik 510 587
Rejkjavik to St.John NF 1430 1646
St.John to Boston 890 1024
RoyalCaribbean Transatlantic Cruise
bing map | Google map

City Code LatLng
La Havre, France CDG 49.4759, 0.1193
Portland (Dorset), UK PTL 50.5715, -2.4412
Cork, Ireland ORK 51.8317, -8.3230
Dublin, Ireland DUB 53.346, -6.200
Distances: Nm mi
Harwich to Le Havre 180 207
Le Havre to Portland 120 138
Portland to Cork 300 345
Cork to Dublin 180 207
Hurricane Michael rerouting:

Click for larger version

See also NOAA | Hurricanes & Tropical Storms | September 2012

Icebergs are not a problem in September. Here's what RoyalCaribbean had to say,
"Regarding the icebergs patrol we are receiving icebergs update report from Navarea thru EGC system fleet net every 6 hours and Canadian Coast Guard Ice Patrol in which we also participate as necessary.

Anyway in September while we are crossing North Atlantic ocean it's not likely that we will encounter any icebergs on our path. Icebergs are know to be in mentioned area at spring time in March and April. See Icebergs at the cruising page.

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