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Maping Software (2008 review)
             Creek  Mtns Lake Exit Multiple
             Names       Name nums Sizes Counties Size
MapQuest 1     y     n     *    y      y      y  690x526 * requires zoom 2 for lake names
Yahoo          n     n     y    y      n      y  620x500
Google         n     n     y    n      ?      n  705x725
MapsOnUs       n     n     n    y      y      n  338x338      good for secondary road,
                                  had new street when above did not.
Map @ MSN      n     y     n
MS TerraServer n     y       Aerial Photos & Topo maps - Labels Natl Forest
khtml World Map
1. Mapquest found towns (e.g. Concord in Lancaster Co., PA) which others did not.
See Examples

Directions - Travel Times
When getting directions from JFK airport to my son's wedding near Rhinebeck, NY
Google, Mapquest and Yahoo all gave different routes with different times.
When I changed the google route to match mapquest the time was close to
the shortest google time, but still shorter than the mapquest time.

According to some of the older reviews I found on the web Google used to give longer times.
I know I used to be able to beat the google time easily, however recently (2012)
google times are shorter.

The question is are they just using the speed limit or averaging
for slow traffic or allowing time for coffee breaks on long trips.
See tests below.

A 2008 blog Why use MapQuest for long trips? | Human-Computer Interaction @ IU says,
people use MapQuest of long trips because it gives better local information for
areas people are not familiar with.
But, MapQuest has changed in the last 4 years.

A 2010 article in PCWorld gave Google and 8/10, Bing a 7/10 and MapQuest 6/10
Google Maps Vs MapQuest One-on-One Comparison at

A 2008 forum comment at  says,
For the last year, I had been traveling a lot and for every trip,
I made sure to compare the directions of Google maps and mapquest.
More than 95% of the time, I ended up choosing mapquest because
it not only gave me the shortest route but also gave me the fastest route 
besides giving me good time estimates.

My tests Dec., 2012
I-80 where there is little traffic from NJ to Western PA
 from 41 Vreeland Ave, Totowa, NJ to 862 Perry Hwy, Mercer, PA
  Google 356 mi 5:24  = 66 MPH
MapQuest 350.9 mi 5:42 = 62 MPH
  Bing   350.9 mi 5:00 = 70 MPH
If you drive 73 MPH you get 4:53 driving time.  With two gas/coffee/bathroom stops
of 15 min. each you get 5:23 which is the same as google's time. 

Washington D.C. I-495 Capital Beltway - Speed Limit 55 MPH
4095 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, MD  to 7200 Old Keen Mill Rd., Springfield, VA 
         South                      North
  Google 33.8 mi 38 min = 54 MPH  43 min. 47 MPH
MapQuest 33.5 mi 42 min = 48 MPH  45 Min  45 MPH
You get the same results for average time with different time of day and days of the week.
Google maps now show time in current traffic under the average time.
 Examples      South    North
 10 AM Fri.    38 min 
  2:30 PM Fri  38 min    46 min
  4:00 PM Fri  38 min    52 min
  6:20 PM Fri  41 min    50 min
 11:15 PM Fri  38 min    43 min
 (It looks like they never post a current traffic time faster than the average)
Google will show you traffic at a given day or time.
Click the traffic dropdown in the upper right. Click traffic again.
Example for New York City
Click change in the Live Traffic legend at the lower left to change the day and time.

At Are the travel times on Google maps calculated by according to the speed limits?
- Yahoo! Answers in 2010 they said,
"Distance and average speed, they can't take into account time spent at
traffic lights, fuel stops, traffic accidents (if any).

See How Google Traffic Works: Where Traffic Data Comes From & How Google Maps
are Updated with Traffic Views

iPhone 6
In 2012 Apple dropped google as the source for their maps app creating a lot of criticism.
They have been working to fix it.
Tests by  Ars Technica in Oct. 2012, recommended the google maps in a web browser.

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