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Stainless Steel vs Cast Iron: 5 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Pans Win | Made In Cookware
  1. Easier to Clean
  2. You only taste your food (not pan seasoning)
  3. Better heat Conduction
  4. Lighter
  5. Sleek

Why the Cast Iron Skillet Is the Key to Better One-Pan Cooking |
  • Cast Iron Skillets Heat Evenly
  • Cast Iron Can Go from Stovetop to Oven
  • Cast Iron Is Naturally Nonstick
  • Cleaning Cast Iron Is Easy
They forgot "Makes you feel like a cowboy."

Heat Distribution
Heating Pattern in Skillets
- Pans were heated over high heat until hottest point wasa at 500°F
- Image shows range of 400° (pink) to 500°F (white)
- Temperatures below 400°F are black.
- All pans were painted with rust-oleum heatproof black matte paint to control for variance in emissivity.
Multi-ply pans were coper sandwiched in stainless steel.
Source: Kenji Lopez Alt -
Taken on a gas stove with a ring-style burner. You can clearly see the ring.

Heating Patterns in 10-Inch Skillet