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The Watchung Mountains are a group of three long low ridges of volcanic origin, between 400 and 500 feet high, lying parallel to each other in northern New Jersey. The Watchung Mountains are known for their numerous scenic vistas overlooking New York City, Newark and New Jersey skylines, as well as their isolated ecosystems containing rare plants, endangered wildlife, rich minerals, and globally imperiled trap rock glade communities The Watchungs are basalt uplifts. Parks, preserves, and numerous historical sites dot the valleys and slopes of the mountains, providing recreational and cultural activities to one of the most densely populated regions of the nation.

Durring the American Revolution there were a sequence of Signal Fire spots along the Watchung Mountains as well as several lookout spots Washington used to keep an eye on the British in the valley below. (See Middlebrook Washington Rocks)
They also served as a natural barrier from British incursion toward Washington's headquarters in Morristown.

In the south it marks the northern boundary of the Raritan Valley at 125 feet elevation.

There is also a Hawk Watch on the Watchung Mountains in Martinsville where they typically count from 10,000 to 20,000 migrating raptors (hawks, falcons, eagles, ...) in September and October.

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