Lake Tahoe West Shore Services Internet Access
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Hotspots Location Provider2 SSID Cost2
Tahoe City
Syd's Bagelry 583-2666
6:30-6 every day
550 North Lake Blvd., Tahoe City exwire syds free
Vicky's Cyber Cafe 255 North Lake Blvd., Tahoe City exwire exwire exwire
Aspen Grove Foods 581-5588 599 N. Lake Blvd Tahoe City ? free
Café Echo (future) Cobblestone Cntr., Tahoe City exwire
Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley Resort - Olympic House 583-6985 1960 Squaw Valley Rd., Olympic Valley1 exwire exwire
Starbucks 584-6120 New Olympic Village, Olympic Valley T-Mobile tmobile tmobile
Resort at Squaw Creek 400 Squaw Creek Road Wayport free to rooms
Resort at Squaw Creek 400 Squaw Creek Road Boingo Boingo
Wild Cherries Coffee House 582-5602 11429 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee exwire exwire free
Starbucks 582-6856 Gateway Shopping Cntr, 11260 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee T-Mobile tmobile $10/day
Joe Coffee 550-8222 10120 Jaboom St, Downtown, Truckee ? ? free
Truckee Book & Bean 582-8302 10009 W. River St. Truckee ? Book & Bean free
McDonald's 530-587-3880 Deerfield Dr (off 89 S.), Truckee Truckee Wayport ?  
Rocktonic Juice - 530-587-9991 Gateway Shopping Cntr, Donner Pass Rd, Truckee    
Tahoeberry Eatery - 530-582-4535 12036 Donner Pass Rd. Donner Lake Exit N., Truckee    
Holiday Inn Express 10527 Cold Stream Rd, Truckee exwire ?
South Lake Tahoe
List at: Truckee
Tahoe City
Search at Yahoo: Truckee, Tahoe CIty
1. The postal name for Squaw Valley Resort is Olympic Valley.
2. Costs and provider links:
WFA - Wi-Fi Alliance Wi Fi Zone - free
T-Mobil - $10/day, $30-40/mo.
Boingo - $8/day, $22/mo.
Exwire -$2.50/hr, $8/day, $23/week, $29/mo.

SSID - Service Set Identifier - Network Name

There are also Internet terminals at the library at the entrance to the BoatWorks mall (530) 583-3382 They are open till 5 Tu-Sat.

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Dial up #'s and ISPs
Earthlink: (
530 523-1000 HOMEWOOD, CA Local
530 686-0177 HOMEWOOD, CA Local
530 452-4892 TAHOE CITY, CA Local
530 452-0177 TAHOE CITY, CA Local
530 494 3392 SOUTH TAHOE, CA Local
530 494-0177 SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA Local

AOL: (
South Lake Tahoe, CA 530 494-1107  AOLnet
South Lake Tahoe, CA 530 494-1508 AOLnet
Tahoe City *, CA 530 452-4865  AOLnet
Tahoe City ISPs at:
Dial Up & DSL ($7/mo. instant activation) 1-800-567-1778 ($15/mo) ($15/mo)
T1 - OC3

ISP Lists at:,,,

last updated 2 May 2007