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I got introduced to elastic band exercises when I went to physical therapy for slumped shoulders and a forward head from spending too much time at a computer with bad posture or bad Workstation Ergonomics.
This training goes by Elastic resistance training (ERT), Resistance Bands, exercise Bands, ...

They are used for Exercise, Physical Therapy, Lower Pilates, At-Home Workouts, and Rehab.

 Resistance Tubing    Resistance/Exercise Bands    Resistance Band Loops

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 Resistance Tubing:
Also referred to as resistance tubes, workout bands, strength bands, stretch bands and training bands. Most tubes are 4 ft total, 2 ft for each arm. (Note: They are 5-6' (2.5-3' per arm) at my Physical Therapy Gym) Movements typically range from 2 ft to 3.5 ft for me at 5-8 tall. Thats 100% to 175% elongation. Note: Colors, designations and weights vary by manufacturer
Color Designation Resistance
Dimensions Resistance
lbs *
100% 200%
Tan Extra thin 2.4 3.4
Yellow Thin Minimal 1/8" 3.0 4.3 Rehab, Seniors
Red Medium Moderate 3/16" 3.7 5.5 Beginners
Green Heavy Moderate Plus 5/16" 4.6 6.7 Average fitness
Blue X-Heavy Maximal Minus 3/8" 5.8 8.6 Already fit, active
Black Special Heavy Maximal 7/16" 7.3 † 10.2 Experienced, strong users
Silver Super Heavy Maximal Plus 9/16" 10.2 15.3
Gold Max 14.2 21.3
† - My measurement at my Physical Therapy office with used
The inside diameter is the same and they have thicker walls for heavier resistance.
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Other stat sources below
Note: Color-coding is not standard for all bands

* 100% means stretched to double length, 200% = 3x resting length
 BMP  Single bands 5 Band Set
 Yellow (2-4 lbs.), 
 blue   (4-6 lbs.), 
 green  (10-12 lbs.), 
 black  (15-20 lbs.)  
 Red    (25-30 lbs.)
 orange (30-35 lbs), 
 purple (45-50 lbs),   My measurement 36# at 100%, 60# at 200% *
 atomic (70-75 lbs). 
 * Assume ratings are for pulling on a doubled band, so it's twice that of a single band.

Strength Training with Resistance Bands - Fit Simply Article
  Color  Level  Estimated Poundage
Yellow Extra Light 2-4 lbs
Blue   Light       4-6 lbs
Green  Medium     10-12 lbs
Black  Heavy      15-20 lbs
Red   Extra Heavy 25-30 lbs

Note: Fit Simply Tube Set has different colors and weights
Yellow (5-10 lbs), 
Red    (15-20 lbs) 
Green  (20-25 lbs)
Black  (25-30 lbs)
Blue   (30-45 lbs)

You can also get Thera-band tubes in 25 ft lengths

X-Light, Pink        - 30 lbs.  Light/Heavy, Red - 60 lbs.
Medium/Heavy, Yellow - 70 lbs.  Heavy, Green     - 80 lbs.
Light, Magenta       - 40 lbs.  X-Heavy, Navy    - 90 lbs. 
Medium, Orange       - 50 lbs.

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Stats (color, weight, size):
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Where to get bands:
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