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See East Coast Greenway (ECG) for the whole trail.

In New Jersey, the ECG runs 90 miles between Pennsylvania and New York, passing through major urban areas - Trenton, Princeton, New Brunswick, Newark, and Jersey City - as well as rural and suburban communities.

New Jersey has made great strides to locate the ECG off-road and, with more than half of its route now completed as off-road trails, the state distinguishes itself nationwide as a leader in that category. These trails include the 35-mile D&R Canal State Park from Trenton to New Brunswick. New Jersey's remaining 47 percent is still on road for now, of which about 16 percent is in development to become off-road over the next few years. The ECG through New Jersey generally follows rivers, providing a relatively level alignment without major steep grades.
Source: The New Jersey Guide
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East Coast Greenway New Jersey Section
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Hudson River

East Coast Greenway Hudson River NJ

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Middlesex County

East Coast Greenway Middlesex County
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Woodbridge to Metuchen

East Coast Greenway Metuchen to Woodbridge
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Middlesex Greenway Extension

Metuchen to Highland Park

East Coast Greenway Highland Park to Metuchen

Delaware and Raritan Canal New Brunswick to Princeton

East Coast Greenway Princeton


East Coast Greenway Princeton


East Coast Greenway Trenton

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