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There are 2 main types of bungee jumping.

This is about the latter primarily for kids.
There are 2 main components
  1. A harness you wear
  2. 2 or 4 elastic cords
You can also add a trampoline.

Comercial ones didn't get good reviews. 2.8 -
I'm thinking of making one with a climing harness.
Examples of Harnesses:

TUBAGOU Indoor Jumper at amazon
Flyer Swing Bungee Jumper Swing Set for Kids 2.9 (15) 10 ft high with wooden frame.
score 2.8 w/ 14 ratings
Negative reviews
Harness broke
The stitching from the belt harness to the bungee tore away after about 15-20min of use.



Bungee Fitness Equipment | Uplift Active

GEAR Bungee Jumping Cords | Adrenalin Dreams

Bungee Cords:
by default Braided bungee cords feature maximum durability with a regular elasticity of 250% Latex bungee cords available as an option for an additional charge Latex bungee cords feature extreme elasticity of 400%
Source EuroJumper 300' 3/8" Uline $120, 250' 5/16" $85
Thegan Rubber (Bungee, shock cord, ...) 3/16, 1/4", 5/16, 3/8

Bungee Jumper with trampoline:

7 ft trampolines range from $120-$150.
A 3 ft trampoline is $50

YouTube DIY example

Bungee Fitness Equipment | UpLiftActive