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99% tallied
Candidate Party Votes % ECV *
Barack Obama Democratic 65,431,955 52.6% 365
John McCain Republican 57,434,084 46.1% 163
Ralph Nader Independent 706,600 0.6%
Bob Barr Libertarian 520,400 0.4%
Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party 188,100 0.2%
Cynthia McKinney Green Party 152,600 0.1%
Alan Keys America's Independent
37,900 0.03
Gloria La Riva Party for Socialism
and Liberation
* ECV Elctoral College Votes (270 needed to win)
Note: Most states have a winner take all electoral vote system. Maine and Nebraska, use a tiered system where a single elector is chosen within each Congressional district and two electors are chosen by statewide popular vote.

Swing States: 
 Obama: Florida, Indiana, Nevada,
    Ohio, N. Carolina 
  (Kerry states +
    CO, NM, IA, VA, NC, OH, NV, FL, IN)
 McCain: Montana, W. Virginia,
   (Missouri still not final)
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