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Protection: Chocks, Nuts, Stoppers, hexs, Cams, pitons...

Ascender/Belay compatibility - Rope sizes:
ATC Belay Device - 8 mm - 11 mm
ATC Guide Belay Device - 7.7 - 11 mm
Ropeman MK 2 Ascender 8.5 - 11 mm
5/16 in = 8-9 mm, 3/8 in = 9.5-10 mm, 7/16 in. = 11-11.5 mm
Static Rope - non stretching 9-13 mm - Rappelling, rescue and big-wall ascending.
Half-rope - 8-9 mm
New England Ropes See: How to choose a climbing rope at REI
ropes and cables here

Listed in order by number of dealers:
Five Ten
Mammut/Climb High
La Sportiva
Scarpe/Black Diamond

Triop/Rock Empire
Red Chili/Excalibar
Rock Pillars/Climb Axe
Saltic/Bear Adventure
Mad Rock

Dealers: Shorline,
REI, Campmor, EMS, Sierra Trading Post
BD Black Diamond
CCH Colorado Custom Hardware
EMS Eastern Mountain Sports
HMS Carabiner: Halbmastwurfsicherung carabiner (Pear-shaped)
REI Recreation Equipment Inc
RURP Realized Ultimate Reality Piton
SLCD Spring Loaded Camming Devices
See also Glossary at the main climbing page.

Great Pacific Iron Works 1975 Catalog
ADS Catalog (pdf)
Gear for rescue
Gear Selection at
Rope System Analysis - an analysis of the loads in a typical climbing rope system subjected to a dynamic loading from a fall.
Trad Gear at

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