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Note: Routers with MoCA can use coax from the ONT for the WAN connection on the router.

If you have Internet service without TV it may be configured to use ethernet only, so coax won't work.

In my 2017 switch back to FIOS they used my 20157 ONT, but eliminated the battery backup.
The new power supply needs to be reset every time there is a power outage.

They have their own battery backup, using 12 new D-cell alkaline batteries, that you can get separately.
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    Backup battery

Router: Actiontec MI424WR 802.11g
STB: Motorola QIP2500 (S-video, composite [RCA], Coax)

MoCA - Multimedia Coax Alliance
  Allows ethernet over COAX (TV cabling) ONT - Optical Network Terminal
STB - Set Top Box

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