Check one answer in each question according to the Bible.
1. For the journey to Bethlehem Mary and Joseph
   A: walked
   B: Joseph walked and Mary rode a donkey
   C: rode a bus
   D: The Bible does not say
2. When Mary became pregnant, Mary and Joseph were
   A: married
   B: just friends
   C: engaged
   D: none of the above
3. When Mary became pregnant
   A: Joseph married her
   B: Joseph wanted to dissolve their relationship
   C: Mary left Nazareth for a while
   D: an angel told them to go to Bethlehem
   E: both b and C
   F: both b and D
4. Christmas has always been observed
   A: on December 25
   B: on January 17
   C: at Grandma's house
   D: none of the above
5. Who directed Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?
   A: Herod
   B: an angel
   C: Caesar
   D: the IRS
6. Just what is a "heavenly host"?
   A: an angelic choir
   B: the welcoming angel in heaven
   C: an army of angels
   D: none of the above
7. How many angels spoke to the shepherd?
   A: a multitude
   B: two-Gabriel and Michael
   C: one
   D: who knows
8. What song did the angels sing?
   A: "O Little Town of Bethlehem
   B: "Joy to the World"
   C: "Glory to God in the Highest"
   D: none of the above
9. The baby Jesus was born in a
   A: cave
   B: manger
   C: barn
   D: Who knows
10. What animals were present at Jesus birth?
   A: cows, sheep and camels
   B: cows, sheep and donkeys
   C: lion, tigers, and bears
   D: none of the above
11. What is a manger anyway?
   A: barn
   B: a place for hay
   C: a feeding trough
   D: a Greek term for a nursery
12. When did baby Jesus cry?
   A: when He saw the wise men
   B: whenever babies usually cry
   C: when the cattle started lowing
   D: no crying he makes
13. Joseph's family was from
   A: Jerusalem
   B: Nazareth
   C: Bethlehem
   D: none of the above
14. Who saw the star over Bethlehem?
   A: Mary and Joseph
   B: shepherds
   C: the three kings
   D: both b and C
   E: none of the above
15. What sign were the shepherds to look for?
   A: a star over the stable
   B: a barn outlined with Christmas lights
   C: a baby in a manger
   D: both a and c
16. What did the innkeeper say to Mary and Joseph?
   A: I have a stable out back
   B: There's no room in the inn
   C: both A and B
   D: none of the above
17. How many wise men came to see Jesus?
   A: One
   B: Three
   C: Twelve
   D: The Bible doesn't say
18. What in the world are Magi?
   A: Eastern kings
   B: magicians
   C: astrologers
   D: none of the above
19. When the wise men bought their gifts to Jesus, they found him in.
   A: a manger
   B: a house
   C: a church
   D: none of the above
20. Who told Joseph to name the baby Jesus?
   A: Mary
   B: the chief priests and scribes
   C: angel of the Lord
   D: Herod the king


Most people only get 12-14 correct. (60-70%)

Source: Stolen from Steve and Ella Pettit in Alachua, Fla. ©Copyright 2003.
American Tract Society (ATS)
The Real Christmas Quiz - Bible Trivia Questions

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