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People who were born, raised or lived in New Jersey.

Government - Polticians - Jurists 
Aaron Burr  (1756 - 1836) VP of the United States under Thomas Jefferson, born in Newark.
Grover Cleveland (1837 - 1908) The 22nd and 24th President of the United States;
   born in Caldwell moved to NY State.
Woodrow Wilson - Born in VA - Governor of NJ 1911-13, President of U.S. 1913-1921
Bill Bradley - Born  in a suburb of St. Louis - Princeton U. and NY Knicks Basketball Star
  NJ Senator 1979-97
 Ran in the 2000 presidential primaries, opposing incumbent Vice President Al Gore
Millicent Fenwick - b. 1910 New York - Raised in  Bernardsville.
  Served four terms, 1974-1980 as republican congresswoman from Bernardsville
  Was a champion of Civil Rights and the Environment.
  Walter Cronkite called her "the conscience of Congress."
  (Gary Trudeau modeled his Doonesbury cartoon character Lacey Davenport after her)
William J. Brennan, Jr. (1906-1997), U.S. Supreme Court justice (Newark)
Antonin Scalia (born 1936), U.S. Supreme Court justice (Trenton)
Samuel Alito (born 1950), U.S. Supreme Court justice (Trenton)
Thomas Kean (born 1935), former governor, 9/11 Commission chairman (Bedminster)
Christie Whittman, former governor, EPA Chairman
Barney Frank (born 1940), Massachusetts congressman (Bayonne)
John Brennan (born 1954 North Bergen), current Deputy National Security Adviser

Business - philanthropists
Joseph Campbell (1817 - 1900) Founder of the Campbell Soup Company; born in Camden County.
James W. Marshall (1810 -  1885) discovered gold in California, Hunterdon
Malcolm Forbes - b. 1919 Brooklyn, Grew up in Englewood. - Publisher, businessman, ...
Steve Forbes - b. 1947 Morristown - Publisher, businessman, ...
  He was a Republican candidate in the U.S. Presidential primaries in 1996 and 2000
Doris Duke - b.1912 New York - Spent time at residences in Beverly Hills, Honolulu
 and her 2,700 acre estate in Hillsborough.  More
William Henry Vanderbilt financier, New Brunswick
  Son of railroad mogul Cornelius Vanderbilt who had moved from 
  Staten Island to New Jersey
Steve Tisch (born 1949), Chairman  for the New York Giants; also a  producer (Lakewood)
Dave Thomas (1932-2002), founder of the Wendy's (b.  Atlantic City, grew up around the country)
Herb Patullo (1929 - 2020) Businessman Bound Brook community leader.

Thomas Edison - b. Ohio 1847 - moved to NJ in 1860's
Albert Einstein (b. 1879 Württemberg, Germany - d. 1955)  Physicist, moved to Princeton in 1933.
Jerome Kagan (born 1929), pioneer in the field of developmental psychology (Newark)
Carl Sagan (1934-1996), astronomer/astrochemist/author (Ithaca, New York, grew up in Rahway)
  See "New Jersey Telecommunications Research" for nobel prize winners and others 
at places like Bell Labs (6 nobel prizes)
 and RCA Sarnoff Labs responsible for developments leading to the birth of the digital age.

Military - Astronat
Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin astronaut, Montclair
William Frederick Halsey, Jr. admiral, Elizabeth
Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. (born 1934) U.S. general,  (Trenton)

Writers - Educators - Historians
Stephen Crane (1871 - 1900) Author most famous for The Red Badge of Courage; born in Newark
Joyce Kilmer - b. 1886 New Brunswick, d. 1918 France - Poet
James Fenimore Cooper author, Burlington
Norman Mailer author, b. Long Branch, raised in Brooklyn
Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997), poet (Paterson)
Philip Roth (born 1933), author (Newark)
Kels Swan - Historian

 TV personalities
Jon Stewart - Born in NY - grew up in Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Bill Maher - Born in NY - grew up in  River Vale, New Jersey,
Stephen Colbert (b. Charleston, South Carolina), lives in Montclair
Martha Stewart (born 1941) lifestyle guide, entrepreneur (b. Jersey City, grew up in Nutley)

Jack Nicholson actor, (b. New York City, grew up in Neptune City)
Michael Douglas (born 1944), Academy Award-winning actor, producer (New Brunswick)
Meryl Streep - b. 1949 Summit
John Travolta (1954 - ) Actor  born in Englewood.
Danny DeVito (born 1944), actor (Neptune City)
Mary McCormack (born 1969), actress, (Plainfield)
Joe Pesci (born 1943), actor (Newark)
Joe Piscopo (born 1951), actor,  (Passaic)
Keshia Knight Pulliam (born 1979), actress (Newark)
Tom Cruise (born 1962), actor (Syracuse, New York, grew up in Glen Ridge)
Brooke Shields (born 1965), actress, (New York City, grew up in Englewood)
Steven Spielberg (born 1946 Cincinnati, partly raised in Haddon Township)
Bruce Willis (born 1955), actor (Idar-Oberstein, Germany, grew up in Penns Grove)
Alan Alda (b. New York City, New York), lives in Leonia
Eddie Murphy (b. New York City, New York), lives in Englewood
Wesley Snipes (b. Orlando, Florida), lives in Alpine

Bud Abbott (1895-1974), actor/comedian (Asbury Park)
Lou Costello (1906-1959), comedian, actor (Paterson)
Ernie Kovacs (1919-1962), comedian (Trenton)
Jerry Lewis (born 1926), actor/comedian/director (Newark)
Chris Rock (b. Andrews, South Carolina), lives in Alpine

Musicians - Singers
Frank Sinatra - b. 1915 Hoboken
Paul Simon  (1941 - ) singer born in Newark raised in Queens.
Whitney Houston - b. 1963 Newark, grew up in East Orange
Bruce Springsteen - b. 1949 Long Branch -  singer songwriter
Carole King - b. NY City, (moved to West Orange in the 60's)
Frankie Valli - b. 1934 Newark - singer
Count Basie (1904-1984), jazz pianist, organist, bandleader (Red Bank)
Ice-T rapper, Newark, moved to Calif.
Jon Bon Jovi (born 1962), musician (Perth Amboy)
Sarah Vaughan singer, Newark
Connie Francis (born 1938), pop singer (Newark)
Dionne Warwick actress, singer, East Orange
Queen Latifah (born 1970), singer/actress/rapper (Newark)
Ricky Nelson (1940-1985), singer/actor (Teaneck)
Paul Robeson  (1898 - 1976) The first black all-American football player, singer, actor, Princeton
Sarah Chang (b. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), lives in Cherry Hill
James "J.T." Taylor (b. Laurens, South Carolina), lives in Franklin Lakes
Stevie Wonder (b. Saginaw, Michigan), lives in Alpine

Patricia McBride ballerina, Teanick
Savion Glover (born 1973), actor, tap dancer and choreographer (Newark)

Michael Chang - b. 1972 Hoboken - Tennis - Youngest winner of the French Open
Phil Rizzuto - b. 1917  Hillside, NJ - Baseball
Bobby Thomson - b. 1923 d. 2010 Watchung, NJ - Baseball
  Born in Scotland, raised in Staten Island, Thomson lived in Watchung for 50 years.
Yogi Berra - born in St. Louis 1925 - moved to Montclair 1959
Derek Jeter - b. 1974 Pequannock, NJ moved to Mich.- Baseball
Orel Hershiser (born 1958), baseball  (b. Buffalo, NY, raised in Cherry Hill)
Bill Parcells - b. 1941 Englewood, NJ - Football coach
Rick Barry - b. 1944 Elizabeth, NJ - Basketball - 12-time All Star
Shaquille O'Neal - b. 1972 Newark, NJ - Basketball
Carl Lewis - b. Alabama, went to high school in NJ - 8 time Olympic gold medalist
Marty Liquori - b. 1949 Cedar Grove, NJ - Track and Field distance runner
Renaldo "Skeets" Nehemiah - b. 1959 Newark, NJ - World record in 110m hurdles
Mary Decker (Slaney) - b. 1958 Bunnvale, NJ moved to California- 
   The only athlete ever to hold every American record from 800 m to 10,000 m
   1980 women's world record for the mile, running a 4:17.55
Richard "Dick" Button - 2 olympic ice skating gold medals
Vince Lombardi - b. 1913 d. 1970 Englewood, NJ- coach of Green Bay Packers
Joe Theismann - b. 1949 South River, NJ - 
   led Washington to a 27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII. 
Amos Alonzo Stagg football coach, West Orange
Joe Flacco (born 1985), quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens (Audubon)
Shonn Greene (born 1985), running back for the New York Jets (Sicklerville)
Franco Harris (born 1950), former football player (Fort Dix)
Mike Bibby (born 1978), point guard for the Atlanta Hawks (Cherry Hill)
Mark Donohue - b. 1937 Haddon Township, NJ - Race car champion
"Jersey Joe" Walcott - b. 1914  Merchantville, NJ - Boxing
Donna Weinbrecht - b. 1965 Hoboken, NJ - Olympic Gold medalist in freestyle skiing
Dennis Rodman (born 1961), former professional basketball player (Trenton)
Muhammad Ali (b. Louisville, Kentucky), lives in Cherry Hill
Famous Residents of Somerset Hills

Many more at: List of people from New Jersey - Wikipedia

Princeton U.
Rutgers U.
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
Stevens Institute of Technology
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

New Jersey's two big industries are Telecommunications (on the decline) and Pharmaceuticals (growing).

Bob Lucky, former Bell Labs and Telcordia Technologies executive, says in "New Jersey and Research - Together no Longer?":
"In this position paper I will contend that New Jersey's historical position as the leading research state in telecommunications is endangered, if it has not already been irreparably damaged. As New Jersey's high technology industry revolves around two major fields - telecommunications and pharmaceuticals - the loss of one of these two bases would be highly consequential to the state's economy and reputation.

New Jersey is considered the birthplace of the industrial research laboratory. In the early years of the last century Thomas Edison, the "Wizard of Menlo Park", founded the first industrial research laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey. Although Edison is usually seen as the prototypical lone inventor, he had a staff of researchers who worked with him on a great variety of inventions. Edison is credited with over a thousand US patents, including fundamental patents on the telegraph, the motion picture projector, the phonograph, and of course, the electric light."

He goes on to site many of the discoveries at Bell Labs (6 Nobel Prizes), RCA's David Sarnoff Labs, and early pioneers such as Edison and Marconi.

Both Bell Labs and Sarnoff have been significantly downsized.
Alcaatel-Lucent Bell Labs (Bell Labs is the R&D arm of Lucent the former AT&T research and manufacturing arm - originally Western Electric.) Lucent was sold to French telecomm firm Alcatel in 2006)
Sarnoff Corp

Despite a series of recent mergers and acquisitions the Pharmaceutical industry continues to grow
with companies like:

Schering-Plough (now part of Merck)
Johnson & Johnson - Health Care Products & Pharmaceuticals

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