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Contents: Rusted Bolts

Tie rod - Toe-in Allignment

Wheel Allignment

Alignment at
Wheel Alignnmet at Fanshawe College in Canada.

Tie rod - Toe-in Allignment

Improper toe settings may cause your vehicle to handle strangely and wear out its tires rapidly.
Only 1/8 inch of toe misalignment front or rear produces the equivalent wear of scrubbing the tires sideways 28 feet for every mile traveled.

Excessive toe-in causes tire wear on the outside of the tire and can also make the car oversteer and dart back and forth across the road. Excessive toe-out causes wear on the inside edge of the tire

Remember, worn outer tie rod ends are a major cause of abnormal tire wear, as toe cannot be accurately set when these components are worn. So replace tie rod ends of there is play.

Source: Ben Martin -

Currie makes a heavy duty tie rod and drag link system.

See also Death Wobble.

Steering Yoke-Knuckle-Ball Joints

See Jeep Wrangler Ball Joint Replacement

See Glossary at the Jeep Configuration page for drive shaft and u-joint images.

Changing Differential Fluid

Owners manual says to refill F&R axle every 12K miles under heavy use (off-road, towing, ...), but doesn't give an interval for normal use.

At they say:
I try to change my diff fluid in my rear axle at least every 15,000 miles and around 30,000 on the front axle since it is only under load during the occasional 4x4 trip.


Drive Shaft and U-Joints

1  Front Drive Shaft
2  Rear Drive Shaft
3  Pinion Yoke
4  Front Output Yoke
5  Rear Slip Yoke
6  3.5" Wide Rear Axle Pinion Yoke
7  Front DS Inner CV Yoke Flange
8  Front DS Center Yoke
9  DS 1310 Series U-Joint Assembly
10 DS 1310 Series U-Joint Assembly
11 DS 1310 Series U-Joint Assembly
12 Rear DS U-Joint
13 Drive Shaft U-Joint
14 Drive Shaft Boot
15 Drive Shaft Boot
16 DS Large Boot Clamp
17 DS Small Boot Clamp
18 DS Boot & Clamp Kit
19 DS Large Boot Clamp
20 Drive Shaft Small Boot Clamp
21 DS Boot & Clamp Kit
22 U-Joint Strap
23 6-Point U-Joint Strap Bolt
24 Yoke Strap & Bolt Kit
25 M12 Drive Shaft Hex Bolt
26 Front Drive Shaft Yoke
27 HD U Bolt Yoke Conversion
28 Pinion Oil Seal
29 Pinion Oil Seal
30 Input or Output Shaft & Pinion Nut
31 Pinion Nut
32 HD U Bolt Yoke Conversion
33 HD U Bolt Yoke Conversion
34 Advanced Adapters Drive Shaft
Angle Reduction (Slip Yoke Eliminator)
DS - Drive Shaft
Source: Quadratec

A common term for a near constant velocity, "double-cardan-style universal joint" shaft. It approximates a true CV shaft by using back to back cardan u-joints. This is the most common type used for upgrading 4wd vehicles.
See CV drive shaft

Rusted bolt removal:
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Faulty turn signal flasher unit
My turn signals will only flash a few times on 2001 TJ then stop.
Dealer wants to sell me the whole unit with levers, $125.
The flasher module (Part #04607084AB 50732 2(4) x 32CP - 12V) plugs into the switch assembly but is hard to find.
Where to get repacement flasher (not LED) - says,
Try a junk (salvage) yard
or GCD Offroad - An Ultra Care Car Products, Inc Company Jeep TJ after market Flasher LED 2001-2006 $29

On some of the types of "LED replacement" flashers the middle pin is wired up incorrectly for the Wrangler so that when you press the hazzard button you get a short circuit and your 20A fuse blows.

Remove rear wiper arm to replace motor.
It's a hassle, but the right way to use penetrating oil is to apply it and tap the bolt. Then re-apply and re-tap the bolt every so often. The tapping (and this is a slight tap) is to help break open some cracks to allow the oil to penetrate further. Having a gear/bearing puller on there helps increase those cracks for the oil. Applying heat can help the process but you want to be careful not to cause damage to the surrounding materials (ie, the paint). Bear in mind that if you heat it you'll likely evaporate the penetrating oil, so be sure to reapply it.

A few months ago someone decided to snap my rear windshield wiper arm in half for fun so I had to replace it. I tried using a puller, pliers, and brute force and it didn't work. I ended up having to use a dremel to cut through it to get it off. Just be sure not to damage the bolt.

Try a caulk gun. Apply the slotten end under the wiper arm around the shaft and apply pressure on the backed-off nut by pressing the trigger extending the plunger. Works better then the gear puller.

Duct Tape, WD-40, glues, ... Atlas Transfer Case
TJ Toe-in Alignment at Stu Olsen's site.
Fixing Wheel Alignment Problems a SpecTrac Suspension Centers.
Free Car Repair Advice at
Death Wobble
Jeep Soft Top Install/Fold

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