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Night Photography:
Night photography can be incredibly rewarding. It allows you to create more unique shots that you wouldn't be able to capture during daylight hours.
There are challenges, blurry shots because of long exposure times, noise (small dots) because of the small sensors and high ISO.

Low Light features in apps like Hydra, Procamera and others do this by combining multiple photo.

iPhone apps make the camera even better - CNET

  • Procam ($4.99) 4.6 (11K)- white balance, manual focus, ISO and shutter speed, raw and TIFF, and you can choose between 360 photos, slow shutter, burst mode, portrait, night mode, video, time lapse, anti-shake.
  • Hydra ($4.99) 4.5 (208) specializes in tricky lighting. It excels at HDR photos and videos and low light.
  • Slow Shutter Cam ($1.99) Motion Blur, Light Trail and Low Light. You can adjust the light sensitivity, blur strength or noise reduction, as well as shutter speed and ISO.

Night Camera HD 4.2 (15)

NightCap Pro $1.99 4.4 (375) low light, astrophotography modes (stars, meteors, )

ProCamera $5.99 4.4 (347) RAW, TIFF & HEIF, LowLight Plus, anti-shake.
LowLight Plus reduces noise by taking multiple pictures and combining them.

ISO - camera sensitivity setting ranging from 20 in bright light to 1600 in low light on an iPhone.
ISO simply stands for the International Organization of Standardization.

Noise - Small dots in an image common with high ISO or in low light. See Photo Noise Reduction Tutorial

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