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Apps Fall Far From Apple's Tree - WSJ.com Apr 4, 2013
In the U.S., by revenue, nine of the top 10 apps on Google Play are games as are eight of
the top 10 apps on iPhone. Candy Crush Saga, where players must quickly arrange brightly
colored candies, is No. 1 for both.
Top apps, by share of U.S. mobile time spent in Feb. 2013
Facebook     24%
Apple iTunes  8.6%
Pandora Radio 8.0
Instagram     3.0
Android email 2.3
YouTube       2.1
Gmail         2.0
Source ComScore

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Notes: See Note Apps

File Sync - Backup - Tools Wuala (EC) Dropbox SugarSync Syncplicity shareMyApps make an app list of your apps Reviews: (Favorite) SugarSync Free vs Dropbox Basic vs Syncplicity Free vs Wuala... (Dropbox) Sync Tool Comparison: Dropbox vs. Syncplicity vs. SugarSync | 40Tech Dropbox simple - easier to use SugarSync comes out on top if you need to sync multiple folders, and have a Mac File Sync Made Easy | PCMag.com (Dropbox) Wuala is more secure | EC Technology Consulting, LLC Dropbox vs. the Alternatives: Which Online Syncing Service Is Right for You? Handwriting See 5 Handwriting Apps for Taking Notes on Your Tablet or Smartphone | Intuit Small Business Blog MaplePaint Handwrite notes Notepad Lite (4) Supernote (Cal Croucher) Handrite lite (I liked it) Handwriting (4) Whiteboard pro AntiPaper SuperNote Plus (required Ice Cream Sandwich +) Good Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org: 7 #Android #Nexus7 #Handwriting Recognition and Note-Taking Apps Drawing SketchBook Mobile Express 4.5 Sketch Guru 4.5 Five Best Tablet Drawing Apps 65 Useful Android Apps for Designers Voice Vlingo
5 star apps at Android App Guide Communications: Poynt - find restaurants, businesses, Gmail Yahoo! Mail free AVG GO Launch WiFi Analyzer Google Chrome to Phone Office: AnMoney 3G watchdog Pro Lookout Mobil Security EZ Pdf Reader Safe Wallet (password protector) Google Translate MS Office: Google Docs App ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer Documents To Go 3.0 Read only - Free, r/w $15 Documents Free iDo Notepad Photography PicSay Pro 4.7 (19,238) $4 Paper Camera 4.5 (23,598) $2 [Real time cartoon and painting effects ] Photo Studio PRO 4.5 (3,859) $4 ProCapture - camera + panorama 4.5 (5,072) $4 [Timer, Burst, Reduced Noise, Panorama] PicsPlay Pro 4.5 (1,840) $4 Youtube Video clip Review [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shinycore.picsaypro] Camera ZOOM FX 4.4 (53,628) $3 best pere lifehacker Vignette 4.4 (9,435) $2.60 Fast Burst Camera 4.3 (2,393) $2 The 12 best Android camera apps around | Android Atlas - CNET Reviews Camera Zoom FX - CNET Download.com Little Photo - CNET Download.com BeFunky Photo Editor - CNET Download.com Aviary Photo Editor - CNET Download.com PicSay Pro - Photo Editor - Google Play Paper Camera 4.5 (23,598) $2 [Real time cartoon and painting effects ] Fast Burst Camera Lite - Android Apps on Google Play 4 at Google Play 1.5 at CNET Wondershare Panorama for Android - CNET Download.com Knowledge Weather bug Wikidroid for Wikipedia Pulse newsreader NY Times Endomondo Sports Tracker - Track your workoug Spark - App Launcher Google Maps Car Locator Job Search TED 4.6 (37,796) View TED talks Productivity: Utilities File managers: Root Explorer 4.8 (20,441) PowerGrasp 4.8 (686) ES File explorer 4.7 (351,447) Solid Explorer 4.7 (23,572) Root Browser 4.7 (11,380) File Manager (gira.me) 4.7 (3,044) File Manager HD (Rhythm Software) 4.6 (84,770) SD File Manager/Explorer 4.6 (149) File Manager (Sand Studio) 4.3 File Manager (Panacea) 4.4 File Manager (Topnet) 4.3 Clipper - Clipboard Manager 4.3 (9,926) 3CX DroidDesktop 4.4 (4,392) also has a file manager you can run on your desktop AnTuTu Benchmark 4.4 (85,718) Lost Tablet Android Device Manager App from Google - Android Device Manager 4.3 (228,000) Anti Theft Alarm Motion and charge removal alarms 4.5 (42,000) - No remode location Locate My Droid Lost Android App - Android Lost 4.2 (51,000) Locate My Droid - Android Apps on Google Play - Locate My Droid - 3.8 (1,400) Find my phone & tablet 3.8 Other AppLock 4.4 (1.2M) Transfer, Sync & Manage Music, Movies, Photos, Contacts and Calendars with Kies GSam Battery Monitor Foodspotting 4.0 - Find recommended dishes at resturants Bookmark Sort & Backup Shell apps - console with unix like interface ZShaolin ZSH console terminal GNU tools Awk, Sed, Grep and the awesome Z-Shell 3CX DroidDesktop run shell from desktop over wifi Home/Car/DIY (Do it Yourself) apps Check Engine Light diagnostics. See Check Engine Light and Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) OBD Car Doctor - Android Apps on Google Play 4.1 (1,213) OBD Auto Doctor - Android Apps on Google Play 3.7 (407) OBD Check Engine Code ODB - Android Apps on Google Play 3.9 (145) OBD Dashboard (Free) - Android Apps on Google Play 3.3 (84) VT View Source 4.4 (184) view the HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XML sources of remote webpages.
Killer tablet apps, ConsumerReports, April, 2012 Communication: Skype News-Magazines: Pulse, NPR, Zino 12 apps that make the most of a tablet: Consumer Reports, Sept, 2011
Best Android Apps Review Top picks: A[ 2 CD BarcodeScanner (QR & Bar) 4 Dropbox 5 FlightTrack See review below Google SKy Map AppAware (get app stats, downloads, etc) PdaNet (easy tethering) SoundHound (recognize music) Shazam (redognize music) Awsome Drop (wireless) Others by Cat: Med: SEMS ALS/BLS fieldguide 5 Pocket First Aid & CPR 5 QR Droid (create and read QR) First Aid (4.4) ICE (In Case of Emergency) Apps Dr. Oz's Favorite Health Apps S.O.S, Fitocracy, Healthtap, endomondo, I'm expecting, fitness flow free, strava, Noom Eeight Loss Coach CrimePush Webrppt ez PDF Reader
Browsers: Dolphin is the most popular, followed by Chrome and Firefox. Dolphin HD browser (rec by David Berkley NPARC) See Tablet Browsers
Other Recommended Apps: Widgets: Power Control Plus $2 Power control Allows you to turn on/off radio's (all but G3)
Overdrive - media console - library books Notes: See Note Apps tweetdeck Epocrates - med info lookout - antivirus norton security - Bible Readers: BibleReader (Olive Tree), Bible/YouVersion and Logos are the big three. See Bible Apps Location - Gives you location based on cell towers or WIFI loc to people you authorize. See google.com/support/mobile/

Other 4 or 5 rated apps 11/2011:

Pic 2 shop - barcode reader
Shop Savvy - Barcode reader
QR Droid
Cam card - business card reader

iTriage - Mobile Health
EMS ALS/BLS Field guide
Pocket First Aid & CPR
Cargo Decoder - searchable reference to the 2012 and 2008 Emergency Response Guides.
See Smartphone Medical Devices in health.
Photoshop Express
Andro Paint Light
BBC iPlayer

Google Docs
App 2 SD

Google Reader
System Panel

  Candy Crush Saga
  Angry Birds
  Asphalt 6
  World War

LED light

Spanish for dummies

Hello Vino - wine app
Ultimate stopwatch

4 & 5 apps from notes on android
Voice recorder
Google sky map
itriage mobile health
Fact book (cia data)
The guardian anywhere
Nytimes 5

Advanced task kller 
youversion bible

 Consumer reports
Pulse - news
Zino - publications



My tracks
 Google sky map

Audibon birds
Poynt locL bus dir
Antivirus free avg
Root explorer
Documents to go (MS word, excel, PowerPoint)
Camera zoom fx
Pro hdr camera
Note everything pro
Redlaser - qr barcode 4
qr droid 4
Flash player
Voice search

Google maps
GPS and Map Apps
Gps essentials
Mavrick pro - gps map
CyclingAbout.com - The Best Apps for GPS Navigation on a Smartphone

Remember the Milk

Connect to tablet/phone from desktop:
airDroid (connects to android over Wi-Fi - for remote control) 4.8
Remote Web Desktop 4.4

Bookmark tools:
Bookmark Sort & Backup - Android Apps on Google Play

18 Android Apps To Get You Started | Techland | TIME.com
Google Maps Google Voice Dolphin Browser Seesmic (twitter) Shazam - Identify Music TinyComics Droid Comic Viewer Ringdroid (ring tones) Meebo IM (Instant Message) Layar (The Layar browser allows you to see things in real time based on your location) NESoid (Nintendo Entertainment System [NES] emulator) Flixter - retrieves info from your local theaters but also streams trailers, provides upcoming DVD news/releases and provides reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. ShopSavvy - Price lookup form barcode picture Note Pad Listen - Podcast subscribe, download, stream Spotify (not available in US) - Music others - Slacker, Pandora The Weather Channel Astrid - todo list syncs with calendar Google Voice | Top 20 Must-Have Android Apps | Techland | TIME.com also includes: Facebook GasBUddy Mint.com Personal Finance Angry Birds ESPN ScoreCenter Adobe Photoshop Express OpenTable - Restaurant finder, reviews, reservations Klondike Solitaire Kindle Kayak Flight and Hotel Search Movies by Flixster Google Translate Urbanspoon - Random selection of a restaurant by location cuisine Barcode Scanner Read more: http://techland.time.com/2011/02/18/best-android-apps/#ixzz1jp6iNLY2 Apps that replace Screen Lock WidgetLocker No Lock! 4.5 Freedom Box Sky Drive iTunes Match
Android Tips, Tricks & Apps $20

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Send texts from your computer with MightyText | How To - CNET

Flight Tracker:
8/2010 Forum
I have both. I like Flight Track better, as the layout is better, the map feature is better, the international flight features are better, and the info. seems to be more accurate. However, the app does need to be updated so that the flights go into your calendar and some other features.

Flight View hasn't been all that accurate on some of my flights. Do not rely on it for gate info., as if I had, I'd have missed my connecting flight. (I looked at the monitors in the airport for the gate info.) Don't rely on it for the times of planes taking off and landing, either, as I've had those also be wrong (which is fine if you're the one flying, but not if you're the one picking up the person who is flying, especially with a delayed flight!). The only thing Flight View has on Flight Track is that it adds the flights to the calendar.

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Princeton Library presentation at PMUG Jan 2014
Princeton Public Library staff members Janet Hauge and Erica Bess share their picks for the best free apps for organizing, traveling, cooking, productivity, and more.
Janet's Recommended Apps
Goodreads (reading)
Epicurious (food)

Instagram (photography)
Overdrive (reading)
Google Translate (communications)
XE Currency (travel)

Erica's Reccomended Apps
Pinterest (organization)
Google Goggles (travel/general interest)
iTunes U (handy tool)
Readability (Reading/viewing)
Shazam (Music)
CamScanner for iPhone and iPad (productivity)
Penultimate (for iPad only) (creativity)
Color Capture by Benjamin Moore /Sherwin Williams Color Snap (home design)
Adobe Photoshop Express (photography)

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