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Donner Summit Trails, Castle Peak, Mt Judah, Summit Lake, Lola Montez
Larger version for printing | Topo Mt. Judah to Castle Pk
Maps for Donner Summit | North I-80 to State Route 49 | Tahoe - Donner Region
Source: Sign at Donner Summit Trailhead and Copies of "Trails - Donner Summit Area" available at the Truckee Visitors Center (10065 Donner Pass Rd) by the train station
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Hikes PCT - Pacific Crest Trail
* - One way mileage. | Note: Mileages vary depending on which map you look at.
Hike 8 Trail Head Diff-
Elev. Map here
Flora lake PCT parking lot off I-80 3 7,195-7,240-7,180
Donner Smt,
Flora lake to Clair Tappaan Lodge Mileage 1 way   2.5 * 7,180-7,520-7,000
Donner Smt,
Flora lake to Donner Pass Rd via PCT SOR-B Mileage 1 way   3.2 * 7,240-6,860-
Donner Smt
Maiden's Retreat Clair Tappaan Lodge 2 * 7,000-7,380-7,220 topo
Glacier Meadow loop SOR-B PCT trailhead Boreal Ridge 1 7220-7260-7220 topo
Summit Lake SOR-B PCT parking lot 0.3 mi east from Boreal Ridge - Castle Peak Exit on I-80
Will sometimes have 4x4ers there.
4 7200-7400 Map above, topo
Frog Lake Overlook via Summit L. and Warren L. Trail 7 f/ S. Parking
6 f/ N. Parking
Map above
topo USFS
Coon Canyon via Summit L. and Warren L. Trail   7200-8550-7000 topo, large scale map
Warren Lake SOR-G via Summit L. and Warren L. Trail 15 7200-8650-7210 Map above, large scale map
Lola Montez Lake Trail N. of I-80 at Soda Springs Exit 7 6650-6455-7160 [705] Map above, topo
Lower Lola Montez to Upper LM 0.6 7155-7595 [440] Map above, topo
Castle Peak SOR-E PCT parking lot 0.3 mi east from Boreal Ridge - Castle Peak Exit on I-80 9.6 7,200-9,103 Map above, topo
Peter Grubb Hut PTC parking lot (as above)   4.1 * 7200-7880-7800 [680] topo
Peter Grubb Hut Castle Pass Parking   2.3 * 7200-7880-7800 topo
Peter Grubb Hut to Sand Ridge L.   1.8 * 210 topo
Peter Grubb Hut to Castle Pk.   1.9 * 1,415 topo
Paradise Lake SOR-B PCT parking lot as above   6-7 * 7200-8600-7800 topo
Sand Ridge Lake
via PCT & P. Grubb hut
Castle Pk. Exit PCT trailhead S. of I-80 11 7200-7990-7200 Map above
Sand Ridge L.
via Castle Pass
Castle Pk. Exit, Park N. of I-80 3.7* 7270-7920-7800 Map above
Sand Ridge Lake
via Andesite & HIG trail
Castle Pk. Exit, Parking N. of I-80 3.9* 7270-7980-7800 Map above
Hole in the Ground Trail Castle Pk. Exit N. of I-80 7.8 * 7200-7800 Map above
Painted Rock Trail SOR-G Soda Springs Road abt. 8 mi. South of Donner Pass Rd. last 7 on dirt rd. 4-6 mi.
(to PCT)
5800-7600 Map above
Beacon Hill
(Signal Peak) 6
        Donner Ski Ranch
Mt. Judah
Donner Pass (turn south at Sugar Bowl Academy), 1/4 mi. S. of Donner Pass Rd. [max grade 35%]
4 5


Coldstream Pass 7,080-7,800
Roller pass loop 7,080-8,243
Donner, topo, USFS, USFS2
Donner Pk and Railroad Tunnels Trailhead - Same as Mt. Judah.
This is a variation of the Mt. Judah hike which takes roads around Mt. Judah instead of going on the trail over the summit and includes Donner Pk. and railroad tunnels.
10 7,080-8,245 Donner, topo,
Lake Van Norden/
Royal Gorge
Parking lot across from Clair Tappaan 2.5 elev
Coldstream Trail Behind Donner SP 6 * elev
PCT to Anderson Pk Same as Mt. Judah 12-13 7,200-8,400 PCT, USFS
Coldstream Valley Behind Donner State Park 12 6,200-8,600 Donner
Palisade Creek Trail SOR-E Donner Pass Rd., S. on Soda Springs Rd. toward Royal Gorge, W. on Pahatsi Rd. past Kidd Lake to N. Side of Cascade Lakes. 4 mi. on bumpy dirt road. Stop at Royal Gorge hut unless you have high clearance 4X4 and walk 0.5 mi. to trailhead.
See also:
14 6600-4700 Soda Springs
Trail Topo

Kidd-Palisade L. Topo

Long Lake same as Palisade Creek ? ? Soda Springs
Loch Leven Lakes SOR-B Big Bend Visitors Center 5.5 3 5,680-6,880 Cisco Grove
Negro Canyon to Summit Lake I-80 Exit 180 (Donner Lake) 4 6,400-7,400 (1,450)
Brockway Summit to Watson L. (TRT) Hwy 267 6 7,200-6,900-7,790 (1,310) Truckee
Grose Ridge
Carr-Penner L. Crooked Lakes Trail I-80 to Hwy 20 to Bowman Rd.
2.9 * 6,700-7,030-6,900 USGS/Google
Byers L Eagle Lakes exit I-80 6 (1,410)
Salmon Lake SOR-E I-80 to Yuba Gap Rd.
See Salmon L. info.
2.5 7 6,581-6,797 Cisco Grove
Glacier Lakes
& Mossy Pond SOR-B
I-80 to Cisco Grove. West on frontage road on North side. Right on Road 85 toward Glacial Trails Scout Ranch. 4 6,988-7,040 Hwy 89 and 49 north
Signal Peak 6         Eagle Lakes Rd
Truckee R. Legacy Trail E. River St. or Old Brockway Rd. S. of Old Truckee 1.5 6080-6000 map
Commerative Overland Emigrant Trail (COET) SOR-G Alder Creek Rd. 15 elev
Sawtooth Trail Road 6, Truckee 9.1 elev
Pacific Crest Trail to Squaw Valley SOR-G Donner Pass, 1/4 mi. S. of Donner Pass Rd. 14 *
7060-8949 Truckee-Tahoe City
Granite Chief Trail East side of Squaw Valley Fire Station 7 6280-8200
Bear Creek Trail 1/2 mi. up Alpine Meadows Rd. on W. end of Alpine Stables 4 elev
Five Lakes Trail SOR-E 1.9 mi. from 89 on Alpine Meadows Road 4 6,560-7,600 topo map
Whiskey Creek Camp Info Same as Five Lakes 8 6,560-7,600 topo map
Twin Peaks, Granite Chief Wilderness Barker Pass SOR-B 10.2 7,640-8,880 map
Ellis Pk/Barker Pass Barker Pass via Blackwood Canyon Rd. 7 7780-8740
Richardson L. f/ Barker Pass Barker Pass via Blackwood Canyon Rd. map
Mt. Tallac Spring Creek or Fallen Leaf Lake 9.2 6460-9735
map, topo
Hike 8 Trail Head Diff-
Elev. Map here
Emerald Bay - Rubicon Trail Calawee Cove at D.L. Bliss State Park 4.6 * 6,580-6,230
Tahoe SW
Bliss Emerald Bay w/ Map
Lighthouse TH to Calawee 0.8 *
Emerald Bay - Hwy 89 to Bay Parking Log on Hwy 89   0.8 * 6,635-6,230 Tahoe SW
Eagle Lake Parking Log on Hwy 89[max grade 16%] 2 6,580-7000
Tahoe SW, topo
Cascade Falls Bayview campground[max grade 12%] 1.4 6,928-9,771
Tahoe SW, topo
Upper Velma Lake Parking Log on Hwy 89
[max grade 44%]

Eagle Lake (Emerald Bay) Tr 6,580-8160-7960
Bayview Tr. 6,910-8,500-7960
Tahoe SW, topo
Eagle L. Bayview tr. loop Parking Log on Hwy 89
5.3 6,580-8,500-7,960 Tahoe SW, topo
Martis Pk. (TRT) Hwy 267 to Brockway Summit 9.6 7,200-8,742 [1,542] Truckee
Sage Hen Creek 7.2 mi. N. of Truckee on Hwy 89 4.5 6225-6000 Hwy 89 North
Mt. Rose Mt. Rose summit on Hwy 431 8 mi. N. of Hwy 28 10 8,811-10,776
I-80 Reno
Mt. Baldy & Rifle Pk. (TRT) Hwy 267 to Brockway Summit 9 7,200-8,742 [1,542] Truckee-Reno
Mt. Rose Loop † Mt. Rose summit on Hwy 431 8 mi. N. of Hwy 28 6 8,900-9,420
I-80 Reno
Spooner L. to Marlette L. Just north of the junction of Hwy 28 and Hwy 50 9 7,000-8,000 Nevada Tahoe
Lakes Basin Hwy 89 N. to Graeagle, 1 hr north of Truckee map
* Distance is one way
† Galena Falls Loop is the same as Mt. Rose Loop

TRT - Tahoe Rim Trail
West Shore Hikes

Trail Head Directions

Brockaway Summit (Martis Pk. Fire tower) map: Truckee-Tahoe City
Jackson Reservoir on PCT map: Hwy 89 and 49 north
Desolation wilderness - 2000 feet vert. to 2 beautiful mountain lakes. map: Tahoe SW
1. Distances are round trip in miles except those with a * which are 1 way.

2. Difficulty: (See also: recreation/hike_ratings)
Number is Maximum grade (Slope = elev. gain / distance) over a 160' distance.
Stairs range from 60-80% slope, 1,000' vertical in 3 miles is 6%.
Easy 3-5 mi <1,000 ft elevation change.
Moderate 6-11 mi. 1,000-1,800 ft elevation change.
Strenuous 10-12+ mi. 1,800+ ft. elevation change.
See: Difficulty Ratings - Conditioning

3. Trail to High Loch Leven is another 2 miles round trip.
  Salmon lake is 0.85 mile to the west.

4. PCT to Squaw Valley 7 mi. to Tinker Knob plus 7 mi. from Tinker Knob to Squaw Valley

5. Mt Judah -   4 mi. option is to Coldstream Pass and back.
  Add 1/2 mi. and 220' to go to Donner Pk.
  6 mi. option is to continue on to Roller Pass and loop back on the PCT

6. There are two Signal Peaks: i. The official one is 10 mi. west on I-80. ii. Some people call the peak with all the towers at Donner Ski Ranch signal peak also.

7. See Salmon L. info. for mileage to Loch Leven

8. SOR - Description at Sierra Outdoor Recreation© with rating: E-Exceptional, B-Best, G-Good

US Forest Service (USFS) Contact information on the emergency contact page.
Larger Map

Note: The Lake Tahoe Basin Management unit is an administrative area which includes all Lake Tahoe watersheads in Eldorado, Tahoe and Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forests.

More information and trail maps at the hiking page.
And West Shore Hikes

United States Geological Survey (USGS) (topomaps.usgs.gov) Maps
Hike TOPO Map Quadrangle2
7.5 min 15 min
Peter Grubb Hut Norden Donner Pass
Castle Peak Norden Donner Pass
Sand Ridge Lake Trail Soda Springs & Webber Pk.  
Lola Montez Lake Trail Soda Springs  
Signal Peak Cisco Grove Emigrant Gap
Frog Lake Norden Donner Pass
Flora lake Norden Donner Pass
Mt. Judah loop - Cold Springs Pass - Donner summit Norden Donner Pass
Palisade Creek Trail Soda Springs Donner Pass
Loch Leven Lakes Cisco Grove Emigrant Gap
Emerald Bay - Rubicon Trail Emerald Bay Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake
Emerald Bay - Hwy 89 to Bay Emerald Bay Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake
Mt. Rose Mt. Rose  
Brockway Summit Martis Pk  
Search for "Quad Map Index" at the Forest Service Web Site: www.fs.fed.us/r5/tahoe/maps_brochures/index.shtml#FPMap0

2. Topo maps come in two sizes 7.5' (1" = 0.38 mi. 1:24,000) (these are more detailed and recommended for hikers) and 15' (1" = 0.99 mi. 1:62,500)
They were produced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) (topomaps.usgs.gov).
Current Versions:
Norden: Revision 2000
Cisco Grove: Photorevised 1979

Note: I couldn't find any map with the correct trail to Flora Lake.

The Lake Tahoe Trail Map at Adventure Maps (adventuremaps.net) Avail. for purchase at CTL. 15 ' [1" = .98 mi.] is very good, but only goes as far west as the Pacific Crest Trail. Sand Ridge, Lola Montez, ... are not covered.

"The Tahoe Sierra", by Jeff Schaffer from Wilderness Press has very good maps also.

Finding and Ordering USGS Topographic Maps
National Geographic Map Store (NGmapStore.com):
- 804 - Tahoe National Forest - Yuba/American Rivers [Scale 1" = 1 mi.]
- TOPO! Map Software [out of date. Does not have Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)]
REI will print out maps from TOPO! for about $10
- The Topo maps from TopoZone listed next to the hikes above are 7.5' (1" = 0.38 mi.) maps.

Online Maps:
TopoZone: Flora Lake (Trail shown does not exist. Actual path is east of it.), Loch Leven Lakes, Mt. Judah

Magnetic North

Manners - Ethics
Wilderness Manners at the Sierra Club

See: TreadLightly.org - Play Nice
and Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

Bear Safety
Lightning Safety

"The Tahoe Sierra: A Natural History Guide to 112 Hikes", 1998, by Jeffrey P. Schaffer
"Afoot and Afield: Reno-Tahoe: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide",2006, by Mike White

Trail Head Directions from CTL Tahoe Rim Trail Association 775 298-0012 Trail Maps
Sierra Club Mother Load Chapter information:
  - Hiking at Clair Tappaan Lodge
  - Outtings
Sierra Club Great Basin Group Outtings
Tahoe National Forest - Recreational Activities at the USFS
Mt. Judah: USFS, SierraOutdoorRecreation.com,
Topo Mt. Judah to Castle Pk
Loch Leven Lakes: USFS, SierraOutdoorRecreation.com
Palisade_Creek_Trail: SierraOutdoorRecreation.com
More information and trail maps at the hiking page.
Lake Tahoe Trails at Reno-Tahoe (visitrenotahoe.com)
Donner Area Hiking Trails at Sierra Sun's Truckee Visitor Guide
Tips for Beginning Hikers
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