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Some Cameras that got good ratings

Dec. 2002
Mfg. ModelZD
CR (1)ListStreet Pix Zoom LensSpeed Size
Compact Cameras
Canon PowerShot S40 † §8.3 VG/VG$700 4M 3x f2.8 15-1/15001.7x2.3x4.4 CF II320
Canon PowerShot S45 5 VG/VG$700 4M 3x f2.8 15-1/15001.7x2.3x4.4 CF II320
Canon PowerShot S308.3 $500 3M 3x f2.8 15-1/15001.7x2.3x4.4 CF II
Minolta F100 7.8$700 4M 3x f2.8 4-1/10001.3x2.1x4.3 SD,
Canon PowerShot S300 *7.7 VG/E$500 2M 3x f2.71-1/500 1.2x2.5x3.7 CF220
Canon PowerShot S330 §7.8 $400$319 2M 3x f2.815-1/500 1.2x2.5x3.7 CF220
Canon PowerShot S1107.8 $300$319 2M 2x f2.81-1/1500 1.2x2.2x3.4 CF
Nikon CoolPix 2500 47.0 VG/E$300$250 2M 3x f2.72-1/3000 1.2x2.3x4.5 CF I140
Nikon CoolPix 3500 $400$320 3M 3x f2.72-1/3000 1.2x2.3x4.5 CF I
Minolta Dimage X7.8 VG/VG$350$280 2M 3x f2.82-1/1000 0.8x2.8x3.3 SD240
Olympus D407.8 $600 4M 2.8x f2.8 16-1/10001.7x3.4x2.7 SM
Olympus C50 $600 5M 3x f2.8 8-1/10001.6x2.3x3.9 SM
Sony Cybershot DSC-U107.4 $220$ 1M f2.8 1.1x1.6x3.4
Sony Cybershot DSC-U20 $270$ 2M f2.8 1.2x1.6x3.4
Rangefinder Size Cameras
Canon PowerShot G3 new $800$740 4M 4x f2 15-1/20002.5x3x4.8 CF II500
Canon PowerShot G2 ‡ §8.0 VG/E$700$490 4M 3x f2 15-1/10002.5x3x4.8 CF II500
Canon PowerShot G5 8.2 $800 5M 4x f2 15-1/20004.8x2.8x2.9 CF II500
Canon PowerShot G6 § VG+/E$520-700 7M 4x f2 15-1/20004.1x2.9x2.9 CF II500DP
Olympus C-4040 7.0 $700$549 4M 3x f1.816-1/800 3x2.8x4.3 SM320
Olympus C-3040 *8.0 VG/E$600$499 3M 3x f1.816-1/800 3x2.7x4.3 SM320
Olympus C-8080 § 7.3VG+/E$615-900 8M 5x f1.816-1/1000 2.7x3.0x4.5 xDDC, DP
Olympus C-4000 5 $499 4M 3x f2.816-1/1000 2.8x3.0x4.3 SM320
Sony DSC-S75 § VG/E$600 3M 3x f2.0 8-1/10002.6x4.6x2.9 MS
Sony DSC-S85 §6.6 $700 3M 3x f2 8-1/10002.6x4.6x2.9 MS
Nikon Coolpix 5000 7.1$1000 5M 3x f2.8 5 m.-1/4,0002.6x3.2x4 CF II
Leica Digilux 1 7.1$895 4M f 5 m.-1/4,0002.6x3.2x4 CF II
Canon PowerShot A207.8 $350 2M 3x f2.81-1/1500 1.5x4.3x2.8 CF220
Nikon CoolPix 775 *7.5 VG/E$400 2M 3x f2.8 8-1/10001.7x2.6x3.4 CF600
Nikon CoolPix 8857.5 $600 3M 3x f2.8 2x2.7x3.7 CF
Nikon Coolpix 4500 § 7.4$700$500 4M 4x f2.6 8-1/2,3002.0x5.1x2.9 CF I & II
Olympus C7707.2 VG+/E$345-600 4M 10x f2.8 16-1/10004.1x2.7x2.4 SM
Olympus C730 $600 3M 10x f2.8 16-1/10003.1x3.0x4.2 SM
Kodak EasyShare DX36003500-
VG/E$300 2M 2x f3.3 2x2.9x4.7 CF360
Kodak EasyShare LS443 4 $500 4M 3x
Minolta Dimage S404 § 7.8$800 4M 4x f3 15-1/10002.3x2.5x4.5 CF
SLR Size Cameras
Sony DSC-F717 † §8.0 $1000 5M 5x f2 30-1/10006x2.8x4.8 MS
Nikon Coolpix 5700 § 7.9$1200 5M 8x f2.8 8-1/40004.0x3.0x4.3 CF II
Minolta DiMAGE 7i §8.2 $1100 5M 7x f2.8 4-1/40004.4x3.6x4.6 CF II
SLR (interchangeable lens) cameras
Nikon D100 SLR † §8.5 $2000 6M (2) (2) 30-1/40003.2x4.6x5.7 CF II
Canon EOS 1D Mark II8.5 $3,680-4,500 8M (2) f1.4 (3) 30-1/8000 MS
Fuji FinePix S2 Pro 4 $2,400 6.5M CF II
(1) Consumer Reports Feb. 2002 Overall/Print Qual
(2) Depends on Lens
(3) Takes standard (Canon EF 15-400 mm , Nikon AF) interchangeable lenses
4. PC Magazine Product of the Year
5. Computer World "Editors Choice" & "Highly Recommended" Jan. 2003.
* discontinued
Digital Camera Editors Choice
Popular Photography Top Pick
§ Digital Photography Highly Recommended
ZDNet Editors Choice
Zoom: Optical Zoom
Size: DepthxHeightxWidth
Mem: SM-SmartMedia (8-128M), CF-Compact Flash (8-512M), CF Type II (160M-1G or microdrive 170M-1G), MS-Memory Stick (16-128M), MMC -MultiMedia Card (16-128M), SD - Secure Digital (16-128M)
Battery: Battery life in number of photos

Canon G2

Olympus C-4040

Sony S85

Nikon 5000

Canon S300

Canon S40

Minolta F100

Nikon 885
Canon and Nikon are the favorites with serious photographers, followed by Olympus and Sony, but selected models from Kodak, Minolta and Fuji get good ratings also. Sony, Canon and Olympus had the best frequency of repair records.

Sony has a good reputation for their Zeiss lenses and Nikon for their Nikkor lenses.

Digital Camera Resource says

In the C-4040 review "If you were to compare the Olympus C-4040 with Canon's PowerShot G2 or Sony's DSC-S85, I'd probably rank the Canon first, and maybe a tie with the S85 for second place. The Canon has a few more bells and whistles, and with its CompactFlash Type II slot, it can hold a whole lot more photos than a SmartMedia card or Memory Stick. But either way you choose, you win -- so I'd check out all three and pick your favorite."

In the Powershot G3 Review "Now for the million dollar question: is the G3 the best 4 or 5 Megapixel camera out there? Guess what, I'm not going to answer. I don't think there is one camera that is best for everyone (I mean that honestly, not as a cop out). The G3 is definitely a contender that goes up nicely against cameras from Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony. Do your research and you (rather than me) can decide what the perfect camera is for your needs.

If I was a PowerShot G2 owner, I probably won't race out and upgrade. If I was deciding between a G2 and G3, I'd pony up the extra cash for the G3. My main reasons for doing so would be the DIGIC processor and the 4X zoom lens."

G2 and G3 both result in more red eye than the G1.

Max. Print Size with Photo Quality
Resolution Size (in.)
1-megapixel 4-x-6
2-megapixel 5-x-7
3-megapixel 8-x-10
4-megapixel 11-x-14
5-megapixel 14-x-17
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Nikon Cameras
Olympus Cameras
Sony Cameras
Kodak Cameras
Minolta Cameras

Note: See Olympus Gray Market Advisory


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last updated 25 Jan 2005