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These are primarily outdoor (hiking, biking, swimming) sites.
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Place Distance miles Elevation
Fiske Pk via Blue Ridge Tr 1h 7.5 2,395 ft Cache Creek Regional park
Redbud trail 1:20 6.0 1,026 Near Clear Lake
Homestead to Blue Ridge Loop 38 min 5.1 1,456 Stebbins Cold Canyon - S. End of Lake Berryesa
Pierce Canyon Falls 5.8 1,079 Dunnigan CA

Location Time f/
UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden 3.7 mi. from end to end
- Visitor Map
The GATEway Project has identified 3 1 mile loops.
From East to West they are:
Arboretum GATEway Loop - Visitor Parking 5
Environmental GATEway Loop - Visitor Lot 1
UC Davis GATEway Loop - Putah Creek Lodge Parking
10 min
Putah Creek Wildlife Area, Lake Berryessa - Google Map 35 min N
Explore Homestead to Blue Ridge Loop | AllTrails 5.1 mi, Stebins Cold Canyon Reserve, Lake Berryessa 35 minN
Grizzly Island Wildlife Area Eastern edge of Suisun Bay - Birding, fishing, hunting, ...
Suisun Hill Trail - gate across from Rush Ranch. 1.3 mi.
Bay Area Hiker recommends the trail across from Parking Area 3. It's a gravel road for the last 3 miles.
Google Map (38.111065, -121.938822)
Grizzly Island Wildlife Area Map
1 hr
Cache Creek Nature Preserve Map 26 min
Libery Island Ecological Preserve 40 min
Jepson Prairie Preserve (113 south of Dixon)
American River Parkway - Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail 28 miles 40 min
Explore Pioneer Express Trail | AllTrails 14 miles 40 min
Peña Adobe Hill | AllTrails 3.2 miles out and back, Vacaville - Google Map 40 min
Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park – Coloma, California

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Beach Distance
from Davis
Pismo Beach or its neighbor Avila Beach 4 1/2 hrs A slight nod going to Avila due to its lack of seaweed.
Marin County Beaches
Stinson Beach 2 Hrs
Dillon Beach 2 hrs
Pt Reyes National Seashore 2 - 2:20 Any beach - Pt. Reyes Beach North - Drakes Beach - Visitor Center
San Francisco Beaches
12 Gorgeous San Francisco Beaches - Baker, Fort Funston, Kirby Cove, Rodeo, Muir, Dunes Beach, Half Moon Bay, ...
San Mateo County - Half Moon Bay, Pacifica, ...
Sonoma County - Bodega Bay
Mendocino Coast Beaches
Pt Arena 3-4 hrs
Mendocino Headlands SP
Santa Cruz 2:30
Sierra Nevada
South Lake Tahoe 3 hrs Several lovely beaches and a bike path along the lake.
Donner Lake 3 hrs Trail 2/3 of the way around the lake.
Local SR-Sacramento River, AR-American River
Sand Cove Beach (SR) 20 min 2005 Garden Hwy, Sacramento
Paradise Beach (AR) 30 min 5211 Carlson Dr, Sacramento, CA
Granite Bay and Beal's Point 1 Hr Folsom Lake
Riverfront Parks (AR)
naturalreserves UC Davis

American River
Comments on Reddit
It's hard to find a nice, secret beach on the American -- most of the places are either jam-packed (Discovery Park or the confluence up by Auburn) or overrun with littering assholes (Sutter's Landing, Paradise Beach).
I mean some days you can drive up 28th street downtown to Sutter's Landing and find some good spots, but you have to get there early!
I'd really recommend taking the drive down 160 south by the Sacramento River for untainted, BEAUTIFUL, and shaded beaches. E.g. Steamboat Beach - Courtland, CA - Yelp

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