75 - 80% of fire fatalaties are related to smoke inhalation.
Purify Air Mask - ASE30 30 and 60 mininute versons.
This smoke hood can protect against Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and other toxic combustion by-products.
Available at westernsafety - $80 and More Prepared - $70 and SafeHomeProducts

(Replaced EVAC-U8)

Peace of Mind® Evacuation Hood 20 min - Filters smoke and bacteriological contaminants.
Available at RayTech $50
and Web Soft Safety Solutions $32

Smoke Escape™ Hood 15 min - Does not filter toxic gasses.
Available at Lehman's $9

NIOSH N99 standard - 99.9% at .3 microns
HEPA filters - 99.97% on .03 micron particles
ULPA filters - 99.99997% on .012 micron particles

Respirator Smoke and Dust Masks
Filters in Home and Garden
Collecting and Disposing of Dust at OSHA
EMERGENCY EVACUATION & FIRE equipment at RayTechStore.com
The Fiber Society 2007 Spring Conference

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