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History Pages
Belldune History
New Mills History
Vetta LaPointe Faulds - The Way It Was Along My Bay - Volume 1 a collection of paintings and observations of Nash Creek and Jacquet River over the years. (I understand she is working on Vol. 2)

Genealogical Information
Restigouche Genealogical Society,
Bathurst Heritage Museum
See Sources for contact information.

Restigouche County (pop. 1996-38,701, 2001-36,134)
Restigouche County Travel/

New Mills - Blackland (pop. 270)
See Directions below to the right
New Mills consists of a fishing dock which is base for about 10 lobster boats, the B&B, Motel and Church below.
You need to go to Dalhousie (13 mi. N. on Rt. 134) for a grocery or other services.

Heron Island, just off shore, is 1 x 4 mi. with trails and campgrounds of interest to artists, photographers and bird watchers. Managed by Eel River Bar First Nation and the New Brunswick Dept. of Natural Resources. - 506 684-9870/1 877 394-4926
See historial timeline

Local Lodging:
Auberge Blue Heron B&B,
(506) 237-5560
24372 Acadian Route 134, New Mills, (across the street from the Church and near fishing dock)
($90 - $120 Canadian = $65 - $85 US)
Restored large home which was the manse for the Church
James and Lynne Ranger Hayes - proprietors

Bonaventure Lodge - (506) 237-2134
Motel, Cottages & restaurant
24354 Route 134, New Mills,
$48 - 80 ($34 - 58 US)

New Mills Cemetery at the Zion United Church.
Originally a Presbyterian Church it bacame part of the United Church of Canada in the 1925 unification with Congregationalist and Methodists.
Hwy 134, New Mills
Superintendent: Arthur Taylor, Charlo, NB
(506) 237-5714

Restaurant at Bonaventure Lodge.
Lobster cooked in salt water outside by the Eel River Bar First Nation peoples at Eel River Crossing.
Restaurants in Dalhousie.

Charlo (pop. 1,449)

Dalhousie (pop. 3,975)
Info at ProudCanadaGirl and
Dalhousie Library

Campbellton (pop. 7,798)

Belledune (pop. 1,923)
Port of Belledune

Bathurst (pop. 12,924, area-23,935)
Bathurst Page at

Miramichi - Newcastle (pop. 18,508)
Tourist Information at Gateway Miramichi (506) 778-8444

Moncton Area (pop. 117,727)

Fredericton Area (pop. 81,346)

Saint John Area (pop. 122,678)

Phone Directories

Weather: at the weather channel

Exchange Rate a/o May 2003,
$1 Canadian = $0.72 US

What to See and Do in New Brunswick
(Codes (e.g. J2) refer to location on Official Travel Map.)
  • Acadian Culture - Arcadian Village (Caraquet) [M3]
  • Fish for Salmon on the Miramichi River [K6]
  • Irving Eco-Center - one of the few remaining great sand dunes on the northeastern coastline of North America. - Bouctouche [M7]
  • Seafood - Lobsters garnished with fiddleheads.
    Shedaiac [N8]- Lobster capital of the world. Lobster Festival July 9-13.
  • Swimming - Beaches - Parlee Beach [N8]- Some of warmest water north of Virginia
  • Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy [N10]- High tides (range from 26 to 46 ft. depending on the day of the month), It is a little over 6 hrs. between high and low tide.
    See Also: Tide Tables at:, Dept. of Fisheries and Ocean
    The highest tides on Earth occur in the Minas Basin, the eastern extremity of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia where the tides can reach 53 ft.
  • Kayak in the Bay of Fundy. Hopwell Cape [N10], Alma [M11].
  • Reversing Falls - St. John River, St. John [J12]
  • Whale Watching - 15 species frequent the Bay of Fundy. Grand Manan Island [G14], Deer Island [F13], Blacks Harbor [G13]
  • Kings Landing Historical Settlement- Prince William [F9]
  • Bird Watching - Over 300 species. Kouchibouguac [M6], Grand Manan [G14]

New Brunswick Pages at:
Tourism New Brunswick,
Travel at New Brunswick Virtual Reverence Library (NBLS) (
World Web Travelguide
Travel New Brunswick
Atlantic Provinces at Atlantic TravelNet

Passport is not required when driving across the border. Just a picture ID.
You may need a passport when flying. Air Canada's web page says "A valid passport is the preferred document but for a Canadian or US citizen an original birth certificate or a citizenship card/certificate plus a valid government issued picture ID are also accepted."
Radar Detectors are illegal. Police have Detector detectors and will confiscate yours.
See: John Cletheroe's Holiday Hints

New Mills Directions: 30 mi. north of Bathurst and 80 mi. north of the Greater Miramichi Area (Newcastle). Take the Nash Creek exit from Rt. 11 to the Acadian Coastal Route 134 and go North about 6 mi.
Miramichi is about 540 miles from Boston
Boston to New Brunswick (Woodstock)
  365 mi. 8 hrs.
Woodstock to New Mills N. via Grand Falls
  190 mi. 4.5 hrs.
Woodstock to New Mills E. via Fredericton
  268 mi. 5.7 hrs,

Montreal to Halifax down the East shore


Halifax Intl., NS - YHZ
  United from Boston
Montreal, PQ Airports:
  Mirabel Intl. - YMX
  Dorval - YUL
    United, Air Canada
Portland Intl., ME -PWM
  Continental from Newark NJ, US Air from Pittsburg
Bangor, ME - BGR
  American from Boston

French Population:

  • The man who is credited with discovering the Canadian mainland was French explorer Jacques Cartier (1491-1557).
  • Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) finally established the first trading post on the site of Québec City in 1608.
    Champlain's efforts to establish a successful French colony were thwarted by weather, battles with the English and certain native groups, and limited support from France.
  • By the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), France ceded Hudson Bay, Newfoundland, and Acadia (modern Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island) to England. In recognition of the differing interests of English and French Canadians, what are now the provinces of Ontario and Québec became Upper Canada and Lower Canada, respectively, in 1791. Lower Canada had its own legislature, and French Canadians were allowed to practice their Roman Catholic religion. Nevertheless, tensions culminated in a revolt in 1837, when Britain tried to unite the two Canadas. After the rebellion was quelled, the two halves were successfully joined in 1840. Many of the French rebels fled to the United States, particularly to New England. Finally, the Dominion of Canada was established in 1867.

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NE New Brunswick (New Mills)

The Acadians, the francophone inhabitants of Acadia (modern Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and northern Maine), were expelled from their homeland between 1755 and 1763 by the British/
There were a lot of French in Kent County (SE New Brunswick)

Languages2016 census

French as a "Mother tongue"
Quebec              81%
New Brunswick       33%
Other provinces < 5%
Kent county New Brunswick:
Location English
Saint Louis 70 150 610
Richibucto 1005 0 45

My Grandson has roots via two family lines (McBride [Scottish] and Babineau[French Canadian]) in New Brunswick.

Weather: Dalhousie, Miramichi

NE New Brunswick (New Mills)
French-Canadian Americans - History, New france, SETTLEMENTS OUTSIDE QUÉBEC

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