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Telemarketing: FTC DoNotCall Registry (Also: New June 29, 2003

It takes effect 3 months after you register. You must re-register every 5 years.
Companies with which you have an existing business relationship may call you for up to 18 mos. after your last transaction with them unless you ask the company not to call again.
The following are exempt: Political organizations, charities, telephone surveyors, long-distance phone companies, airlines, banks and credit unions; and the business of insurance, to the extent that it is regulated by state law.
Junk Mail
Write Letter to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) specifing you don't
want unsolicited commercial mail and they will notify their members.
You must re-register after five years:
Mail Preference Service,
Direct Marketing Association,
PO Box 643, Carmel NY 10512-0643

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