last updated 31 July 2019

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Flight time: 16 min. at 12 MPH
Distance: 1.2 miles
Normal Speed sport mode: 6.7 MPH
Speed in active track mode test went 25-30 MPH
Speed with obstacle sensing disabled 13.4 MPH
Sports Mode Speed sport mode: 31 MPH
Camera Lens 25 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.6
Image size:12 MP 3968x2976 jpeg
Video: 1080p 30 fps real-time video transmission from up to 1.2 mi - MP4
It can be streamed live to your phone but better video will be recorded on the micro SD card.
Weight: 2/3 lb. with battery, .45 lb. without battery.
Drones over .55 lb. without the battery have to be registered, so the Spark does not need to be registered.
Note: You will see web pages saying it needs to be registered, because people don't know that the battery is not counted in the FAA registration rules.

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The Ultimate DJI SPARK FAQ: Everything You Should Know


The Spark is generally considered the top of the line consumer/hobbiest drone. There were a few negative comments in the reviews.
Battery can come loose and drone crashes
Customer service is bad
BUYER BEWARE: Because my drone lost connection, for whatever reason (DJI blamed this on me because I lost connection even though I literally didn't do anything wrong. We had this problem also and even though it should return to home on a lost connection if flew 0.3 mi out into Lake Tahoe and sunk in 300 ft of water.
Manual not good. look at video tutorials.
See Is the Spark still worth it in 2019?. He says No.
1080P only (4K better)
Limited flying time.
Some loss of control issues.
Mavic Air ($1,050 for fly more combo) is better and folds into a smaller package.
It still got 4.2 - 4.7 ratings.