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These pages include general notes on computer apps, a combination of tips for using apps and lists of recommended apps.

Standards - Compatibility

Alternatives for Popular Apps
Alternataives to Internet Explorer (IE) and Outlook 
 Microsoft's Web browser and email/address book
ActiveX and VB script in IE make it vulnerable. 
Both programs are targets for hackers because of the large number of users.
Many companies are switching to Firefox by Mozilla and Google Chrome. see browsers.
It is the most popular alternative for IE and it's free.  "Opera" is another popular browser.

Alternataives for Outlook (mail, calendar and contacts) include, Thunderbird by Mozilla, Open Office (Star Office), Eudora. Outlook has been replaced by Windows Live Mail in Windows 7.

Alternatives for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, ...) are open source software- See MS Office Alternatives Adobe Photoshop - Photoshop Elements - Gimp InDesign - Scribus Dreamweaver - Aptana textedit - vim MS Access - Libre Office Base, MySQL Filemaker - Bento (Mac)($35), Relationship ($39) Adobe Illustrator - Inkscape Database Managers alternatives.rzero.com/db.html Notes: Evernote Evernote vs Google Drive Image - Drawing - Painting - Photo touchup Paint.net, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Corel Draw Page Layout InDesign QuarkXPress Test word processing sample docs Utilities Get Version name and number of browser and OS Password managers If This Then That (IFTTT) Spelling and Grammar Checkers Mac Mac Software Sources Microsoft Windows on a Mac Internet Windows and Mac Browsers Firefox Tablet Browsers Dolphin Facebook Dropbox Bookmarklets Tablets Android Apps iPad Apps Bible Apps Amazon.com Best Sellers: Best Software Desktop Excel Health: Exercise Sleep Links: Computer Store Ratings The Best Free Software of 2010 at PC Magazine

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