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Remove unused applications:
When you start your computer a lot of programs start running in the background. These include antivirus software, system utility applications, processes which make other programs load faster when you want to run them. They don's show up on any window. These processes don't do much but do add up and take up processor cycles.

Even new PCs come with junk like software demos and toolbars that comes that come with them.
If you re-install your OS from the backup discs that came with your PC or use the protected recovery partition, it will also install any Bloat-ware that came with it. There is no reason you need to have Norton 2005 or an Office 2003 trial and everything else they try to stick on there.

You can list them by running the System Configuration Utility;
Click Start , Type msconfig in the search box.
Task Manager "Start Task Manager" (in Windows 7)
See Windows 7 Tuning
and Config.sys and old program for DOS still works may help also.
Or download AutoRuns from See article
Or by using a free utility like PC Decrapifier.

Program      Cost  CNET rating
Revo Uninstaller free   5
SlimComputer     free   4.5
Your Uninstaller $40    4
Decrapifier      free   3.5

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Windows media - deactivate everything but default player :
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Benchmarks or Performance Monitors:
Click Start , Type perfmon in the search box for real time performance.
or type performance in the search box and select "Windows Experience Index" to compute an index.
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last updated 10 Jun 2011