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  Ceilidh Dancing
Beginning Figures: From Figures: Scottish Country Dancing

Figures in which one or more Dancers Dance under an Arch made by the joined hands of two others.

Figures which involve Dancing Out of the Side of The set.
  Cast Up or Down

Figures in which half the Dancers proceed clockwise around The set and the others anticlockwise, each Taking hands alternately By the right and By the left with the approaching Dancers. Rights and lefts is included here since it is logically a Chain. Linear Figures which have a Turn at the Ends of the Chain movement, such as Ladies' chain, are included under this heading.

Follow-my-Leader Figures.

Figures in which the Dancers Dance Across The set or on intersecting paths or Exchange positions.

Figure of eight
Figures in which a single Dancer follows a path which from above looks like an "8" and is often Danced around two other stationary Dancers.

Figures of eight
Figures in which two or four Dancers each perform an individual Figure of eight with some form of symmetry.

Hands across (wheel or star)
Figures in which three or more Dancers Take hands By the right in the centre, Face clockwise and Dance round or Take hands By the left, Face anticlockwise and Dance round.

Hands round
Figures in which three or more dancers, Facing Inwards, Take hands (Nearer hands) and Dance round in a circle.

Reel of four
Figures in which four dancers follow the same path, which from above looks like an "8" with an extra loop in the Middle, alternately passing the approaching Dancer By the right and By the left.

Reel of three
Figures in which three dancers follow the same path which from above looks like an "8", alternately passing the approaching dancer By the right and By the left.

Figures in which a Setting step, rather than a Travelling step is used. Both partners go to their right side for a step or two. This includes those Figures which use a Setting step for a limited amount of Travelling. Double triangles, Hello goodbye setting and Petronella movements are included here even though they might be considered as Complex figures because they are essential to the Beginner.

Step down or up
These important but neglected Figures are sideways movements Down or Up the Side lines of a Longwise set.

These are the basic Figures not covered under more specific headings in which Dancers move within and around The set using a Travelling step, usually two or three side by side and usually Taking hands though occasionally as individuals. Although they are traditional, Allemande, Poussette and Promenade are not included here; they can be found under Complex Figures.

Figures in which two dancers Take hands and Dance round each other.

See Diagrams: Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Complex Figures:

- Advance And Retire, Knot, Petronella, Rondel, Set and Link, Set and Rotate.
See Diagrams: Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary
? Petronella-in-tandem, Grand Chain,

Sample Crib Notes / Cheat sheet
Source: Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - New Jersey Branch

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Other terms:

Tea Pot - 3 person circle
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