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Popular Beers rated C+ or higher.
Scores (A-F) from
Allagash White A- (Maine)  Belgian White

Anchor Porter A- (San Francisco) Porter Ale
Arran Dark B (Isle of Arran) Scottish Ale
Bass Pale Ale B- (England) Pale Ale
Beck's C Pilsner
Belhaven Scottish Ale B+ (Belhaven Brewery Scotland) Scottish Ale
Black Hawk Stout B (Mendocino Brewing) Stout Ale
Blue Moon Belgian White (Coors) B- Belgian White
Boddingtons Pub Ale B- (England) Pale Ale
Celtic Amber B- (Sacrameto)  Scottish Ale
Dos Equis Amber Lager C+ Mexico Vienna Lager
Fat Tire Amber Ale B (CO) Amber Ale
Gordon Biersch Pilsner B- Pilsner
GUINNESS Draught B (Dublin, Ireland) Stout Ale
Harp Lager C+ Pale lager
Harpoon I.P.A B (Boston), Pale Ale
Honker's Ale B (Goose Island, Ill) Bitter Ale
Killian's Irish Red C+ (Coors, Colorado) Dark Lager
Kilt lifter B- (Arizona) Scottish Ale
Leinenkugel's Classic Amber C+ (WI)Amber Ale
Long Hammer IPA C+ (Redhook brewery) Pale Ale
Long Trail Hibernator B (Vermont) Scottish Ale
Long Trail Traditional IPA B (Vermont) Pale Ale
Lunar B- (Boulevard Brewing, Missouri) Dark Wheat Ale
McSorley's Ale C+ (Pabst, Ill.) Pale Ale
Michelob Ultra Amber C- Light Lager
Michelob Ultra F Light Lager
NEWCASTLE Brown ale B- (United Kingdom) Brown Ale
Pete's Wicked Ale B- (Texas) Brown Ale
Red Tail Ale B- (Mendocino Brewing) Amber Ale
Redhook ESB B- (WA) Bitter Ale
Sam Adams Light B- (Boston) Light Lager
Samuel Adams Boston Lager® B+ Vienna Lager
Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock B+ Bocks (Lager)
Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner A- Pilsner
Samuel Adams Irish Red B+ (Boston) Irish Red Ale
Samuel Adams Summer Ale B- Pale Wheat Ale
Samuel Adams Winter Lager B Bocks (Lager)
Sam Adams White Ale B Belgian White
Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout A- (England) Stout Ale
Sapporo Reserve B- (Japan) Pale lager
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale A- Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale B Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale A- (Chico, Calif.) Pale Ale
Smithwick's Ale B (Ireland) Smithwick's Brewery Irish Red Ale
Smithwick's B (Ireland) Guinness  Irish Red Ale
St. Andrew's Ale B+  Scottish Ale
Stella Artois C+ (Belgium) Pale Lager
Tsingtao Dark Beer B- (China) Dark Lager
Tsingtao Draft Beer C (China) Light Lager
Wee Heavy A-  Scottish Ale
Yuengling Light Lager C (Penn.) Light Lager
Yuengling Porter B- (Penn.) Porter Ale

Popular Beers with lower ratings:
Tecate C- American Adjunct Lager
July 2007 Consumer reports top 10 light beers in order (Very good): Michelob Ultra Amber, Michelob Light, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, Sam Adams Light, Budweiser Select, Busch Light, Bud Light, Natural Light, Miller Lite

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