Places NE New Jersey Somerset County Wi Fi Hotspots
Place Location Provider * SSID
The Inn at Somerset Hills 80 Allen Road, Basking Ridge Boingo
Starbucks Liberty Corner Rd., Basking Ridge T-Mobile
Somerset Hills Hotel Liberty Corner Rd., Warren WFAnw and nw_conf
Starbucks Bridgewater Commons, Bridgewater T-Mobile
Borders Commons Way, Bridgewater T-Moblie
Summerfield Suites Rt 22 East, Bridgewater Boingo
DoubleTree Atrium Drive, Somerset WFASTSN
Holiday Inn Davdison Ave., Somerset WFAgoldentree
DoubleTree Atrium Drive, Somerset Boingo
Somerset Marriott Davdison Ave., Somerset Boingo
Summerfield Suites Davdison Ave., Somerset Boingo
Courtyard Davdison Ave., Somerset Boingo
Borders Rt 22 West, Watchung T-Moblie
* WFA - Wi-Fi Alliance Wi Fi Zone - free
T-Mobil - $10/day, $30-40/mo.
Boingo - $8/day, $22/mo.

SSID - Service Set Identifier - Network Name

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last updated 17 Jan 2004