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One of the more accurate (+/- 3%) and easiest ways to measure body fat is buy measuring fat under the skin in several locations with a caliper. It's based on the fact that approximately 50% of your total body fat is beneath the skin.
There are a variety of formulas ranging on sample measurements from 3 to 7 places on your body. See the spreadsheet.

Some Common Measurement Sites:

Spread Sheet for several calculations using SKF

Standardized Skinfold (SKF) Measurement Procedure

  • Measurements taken on the right side of body
  • Carefully identify, measure, and mark SKF site
  • With caliper in right hand, grasp the SKF with thumb and index finger of left hand
  • Start with fingers about 3 inches apart, then gently pull SKF away from body
  • Place caliper head perpendicular to skinfold with the dial facing up
  • Place caliper head 1/4-to-1/2 inch away from thumb and finger
  • Place caliper head halfway between crest and base of fold
  • Gently and fully release caliper pressure
  • Maintain pinch while reading dial within 3-4 seconds after releasing caliper pressure
  • Take duplicate measures at each site
  • Measure in a rotational order
  • Re-measure if 1st - 2nd reading is not within 1-2 mm (or 10% margin)
  • Record average score of closest 2 values
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Spread Sheet for several calculations using SKF
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