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On the politics page we discussed the political polarization common in 21st century politics.

In a 2010 web post about the juvenile name-calling by some of todays national politicians, Deborah Boykin of Prattville commented:

"Maybe the debates between John Kenneth Galbraith and William F. Buckley from the 1970s should be made available on TV again. These men disagreed on policy just as vehemently as people do now, but they were able to debate their positions eloquently and civilly, using facts, statistics and educated opinions. The level of public discourse in this country today is stunningly low and it doesn't bode well for the future."
Galbraith was a frequent guest on Buckley's conservative public affairs TV show Firing Line.

Buckley and Galbraith were ski buddies. After they both retired, Buckley a conservative (of Irish Catholic ancestry) used to take the train from New York up to Boston once a month to have lunch with Galbraith a liberal (of Scotch Protestant ancestry).

See YouTube examples:
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last updated 11 April 2010