Things to consider:
all-mountain skis, all-mountain wide skis, powder skis and backcountry skis. Depends on the type of skiing you do.

REI As a general rule, choose a ski length that comes up to between your chin and the top of your head. Use our size chart for a more precise fit.
Shiffrin who is 5' 7" (170 cm)uses 155 skis for slalom

REI Skinnier skis are better for carving turns on groomed runs, while wider skis provide better flotation in deep snow.
All-mountain skis with 85mm–95mm are best for a mix of groomed and powder.
Ski Mag Narrow waists (under 85 mm) are quick and grippy, built for groomed.
Wide waists (100-plus mm) surf the deep. Anything in between should be versatile for all.

Sidecut / Radius:
More sidecut will give a smaller radius.
Giant Slalom gates are supposed to be set at about a 27 meter radius (for teenagers and adults) according to FIS regulations, but many NASTAR and other non-FIS races may have tighter turns which are closer to about 20 meters in radius.

Some skis that got good reviews or recommended by someone:
Dimensions tip-waist-tail mm [Turn radius for 165-170 cm]
Type dimensions SBT OGL FS SM OO
Volkl M5 Mantra ($699) 134-96-117 [18] 2 90 2 *
Blizzard Rustler 10 133-102-122.5 [14.5] 86 9 (russler 9)
Blizzard Bonafide 135-98-119 1 *
Blizzard Brahma 88 127-88-111 [14] 7
Blizzard Firebird HRC 126-76-107 [17]
Head Kore 93 11 80 11 4.2
Head Kore 99 4
Rossignol Experience 88 Ti ($650) 127-88-117 [16] 3 *
Rossignol Soul 7 HD 13
Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 122-72-102mm [16] 1 3.7
Salomon S/Max Blast 138-106-125mm 4 6 (99mm)
K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti ($650) 132-95-115mm 6
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Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis - Men's - 2018/2019 Blizzard Bonafide Skis - Men's - 2018/2019 Head Kore 105 Skis - Men's - 2018/2019
$749.95 $699.95 $749.00
Size hide
Reviews review stars 5 review stars 5 review stars 5 hide
Best Use Downhill Skiing Downhill Skiing Downhill Skiing hide
Ski Terrain Groomed and powder Groomed and powder Groomed and powder hide
Tip Width 134 mm 135 mm 132 mm hide
Waist Width 104 mm 98 mm 103 mm hide
Tail Width 124 mm 119 mm 123 mm hide
Sidecut Radius 16 meters 16.5 meters 16.1 meters hide
Ski Camber Tip and Tail Rocker Tip Rocker Tip and Tail Rocker hide
Tail Type Flat Partial Twin hide
Core Wood Poplar/beech/metal Koroyd/wood hide
Bindings Included No No No hide
Gender Men's Men's Men's hide
Weight (Pair) 8 lbs. 6 oz. Unavailable Unavailable hide
Lowest DIN Unavailable hide
Highest DIN Unavailable hide

Waist Width: Narrow waists (under 85 mm) are quick and grippy, built for groomed. Wide waists (100-plus mm) surf the deep. Anything in between should be versatile for all. Taper: Subtract the tail width from the tip width, and you have the taper. The greater the taper, the easier the ski will be to skid. (Big rockered skis, for example, often have a very narrow tail for easy steering and smearing.) A low taper number means the tail sticks to the turn, making the ski better for carving on hardpack.

last updated 7 Feb 2019