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The orange V-Block can be pushed out and rotated so the proper cable type is alligned with the arrow.

Try the tool on a sample piece before you do your final cut.
Not all cable has the same outside dimension, so you may have to adjust the hex screws on the bottom for the correct blade height.

Rotate clockwise. It will become easier after the center dielectric is cut, but you should rotate 1 or two times more to get the outer layer cut.

With quad mode cable (RG6Q) there are two foil layers and two braid layers. Remove the first foil and braid layers and fold the 2nd brade layer back leaving the foil over the dielectric.

I couldn't find any consistent color coding for these.
The RG-6 connectors in the connector and tool combination package I ordered did not fit over quad shielded coax.
There are universal RG-6 Connectors which are good for all Braid types from 60% to Quad Shielded Cables. There are connectors labeled as outdoor for DIRECTV.

The biggest advantage of the ferrule-less design is the cable fit. The inner dimensions are very forgiving of cable deviations from different constructions.
Universal - Works on all Braid types from 60% to Quad Shielded Cables.
Self-Locking technology ensures connectors remain properly tightened.

Stripping Tool:

Compression Tool:

How to install coax cable end connector fittings
How to Prep Coaxial Cable and Install a Compression Connector (Close Up Demo)
Adjusting distance between blades.
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last updated 4 May 2017