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I was listening to NPR's On Point on the way back from PMUG in Princeton tonight where they interviewed Andrew Santella, author of "Soon: An Overdue History of Procrastination, from Leonardo and Darwin to You and Me"

I wrote some notes after I got home. I didn't procrastinate, because I knew I would never get my notes down if I waited until tomorrow. :-)

Amazon review says, "Like so many of us, including most of America's workforce, and nearly two-thirds of all university students, Andrew Santella procrastinates. He talks about why Darwin waited 2 decades after he thought of the idea to write 'On the Origin of Species,' "

He also writes about Leonardo da Vinci and Frank Lloyd Wright who were considered procrastinators.

I'd heard about the Frank Lloyd Wright story and used him to justify my own procrastination. After receiving the commission for Falling Water, Wright procrastinated for nine months until his patron called and said he was on the way from Milwaukee to Taliesin (140 miles) to see the plans which didn't exist. Wright whipped out the plan for the most famous house in America in a couple of hours.

DaVinci, he says, had so many things going on in his head that that the latest thought was always more interesting than what he was supposed to be doing. His contemporaries thought he was a flake.

I can relate to that. I'm no genius, but you can look at what's new on my web site to see why it took me 7 years to get my house on the market.

Procrastinators are not lazy, they are usually more busy than other people.

Procrastinators are optimists - Always think tomorrow is a better day.

Perfectionism is related to procrastination.

Tim Urban who gave a popular TED talk on the subject was on On-Point also.

There are lots of articles on procrastination vs precrastination.
I've got to add a section on the pros and cons of both, and a section on the relation between perfectionism and both.
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last updated 13 March 2018