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Keyboard Shortcuts - Special Key sequences
 - Command Key (Apple Key)
 - Option Key 
 - Control Key
 - Shift Key 
 - Caps Lock
  - Escape Key (ISO)
 - Power 
 - Tab Key
 - Eject 
 - Delete

Cmd Ctrl F - toggle full screen
 Tab - Display/Switch Apps
 ` - Switch between document Windows in current application
ctrl click = right click menu

In Some applications:
 + - Zoom in
 - - Zoom Out

 a - Select All
 x - Cut
 c - Copy
 v - Paste
 o - Open
 s - Save
 q - Quit

Screen Capture to clipboard:
 ⇧ 4  + ctrl drag

At Startup:
Opt - Select boot disk

Emergency quit:
 Opt ESC - Force Quit App Window
 . (period) - Stop a process
 Ctrl power - Immediate restart (dangerous, only use if the system is frozen)

Opt drag - Copy even if on same volume (drag alone will move not copy)
 Opt drag - Make alias
 Opt W Close all windows
 Opt Y Slideshow mode (show selected graphic files full-screen)
 ~ - Cycle finder windows


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last updated 6 Jan 2015