Homewood Mountain Resort Redevelopment

last updated 19 Feb 2023

See The history before JMA purchase in 2006
and Early JMA plans 2006-2021

1,260 cares Lake Tahoe's only true four-season resort destination 223 lakefront ski in/ski out residences and condos (Note: They are across US Hwy 89 from the lake)
Skier visits at Homewood have been in decline for the past decade: down from 101,799 in 2012-13 to 64,169 in 2020-21, according to Chapman. Pass sales also dropped from 2,828 to 1,853 during that period.

In the Winter of 2022 Art Chapman president of JMA Ventures which bought Homewood in 2006 announced a new plan for it's development.

They are considering a members only concept for access to the slopes.

They partnered with Discovery Land Company who also represents Montanas Yellowstone Club, a private golf-ski club, so there was speculation HMR would be built on that model.
Chapman rebuffs that comparison. He says Homewoods future may be more akin to Martis Camp, a gated housing community in Truckee with direct access to Northstar Mountain Resort via a single chairlift on the backside of Mount Pluto.

Construction on the first seven units at the North Base began in November 2022. The next phase will start in the spring or summer of 2023 on 32 townhomes. Once the North Base units are complete, construction will move to the South Base, where the majority of homes will be built.

The total development will take around 10 years.

Homewood Mountain and Lake Club (2022)
A private club owned by JMA Ventures will introduce a membership-based operation model in the coming years. Real estate offerings will also be available.
Homewood Mountain Resort will transition to its membership-based model over three years beginning in 2022. Following its transition, our neighbors in the west shore will still be able to ski Homewood's ski mountain on pre-scheduled community days. Additionally, community benefit days will be available where all members and interested guests may pay a lift fee that will be donated to non-profit organizations benefitting the Lake Tahoe community, as well as fund the ongoing maintenance of the robust summer trail system.

Lot 3 Phase 1A was started in the Fall on 2022.
It includes 7 3 bedroom 3,000 - 3,600 square foot homes.

Phase 1B (Lot 5) on the plan above which they called Phase 2 at the The Tahoe Basin Design Review Committee metting of Feb 28, 2023
4 buildings 1- 3 bedroom, 1 with 2 3 BR units, 1 with 2 4 BR units, 1 with a 6 BR unit and a 5 BR unit. 7 units.

Source: Homewood Project Overview 37 pages - Discovery Land company 2023

In a February 28th The Tahoe Basin Design Review Committee metting they rejected what they called the Phase 2 Lot 5 design, saying they were Modern Mountain architecture which did not conform to the the 2011 Homewood Mountain Resort (HMR) Master Plan which specified "Old Homewood" architecture.
2011 design

Art Chapman said that is the current standard because young people want more modern architecture with large window to bring the outdoors inside.

The committee said they liked their plan, but their job was to review it for conformity.

I attended the zoom committee meeting. During the meeting they mentioned a variety of other guidelines. revealing the complexity of design decisions.

1998 West Shore General Plan
2011 Hmr Master Plan
2011 Eir Environmental Impact Review
Placer Co. Community Development Resource Agency (Cdra)
Trpa  Community Enhancement Plan
2017 Tahoe Basin Area Plan

JMA Ventures, say they do not want to increase the size or capacity of the mountain, but plan on replacing lifts and adding new facilities at the mountains base, along Highway 89. Over the past decade, skier visits to Homewood have dropped 40%, Chapman said, and season passholder sales have fallen from 2,800 in 2012 to 1,800 this winter, a 36% decline. According to Chapman, the large majority of current passholders are West Shore residents.
Because of the traffic and a younger generation that is more attracted to the steeper and bigger terrain of Palisades Tahoe and Northstar, Chapman said Homewood can no longer compete with the large resorts.
Source: "Day-Skier Model Doesnt Work" Homewood Plans to Become Members Only Ski Resort
Homewood Plans to Become Members Only Ski Resort - Moonshine Ink - Update to March article June, 2022

EIS charts and other documents

See Homewood Plans to Become Semi-Private Ski Resort Due to Tahoe Traffic June 8, 2022

Were going to get out of that [day ticket] business. The day-skier model doesnt work for Homewood just like it isnt working for a lot of small ski areas across the country, and so weve had to come up with a new model to sustain Homewood. Art Chapman, President of JMA Ventures (Owner of Homewood Mountain Resort).

Phase two of the master plan comprised of the 32 residential units that will be built where the Madden chair is today.
In Art Chapman's Letter to TRPA, November, 2022 he says,
"The popularity of the Epic and Ikon passes have obliterated the day skier market for Homewood, where he says that non-local skier visits have dropped by 40 percent since they bought the resort in 2006. Homewood was bleeding money operationally and a new business model and vision were needed if Homewood was to survive, Chapman wrote. Homewoods business has steadily declined and become infeasible, while West Shore property owners have seen their home values triple.""
In Does Tahoe Need a Members-Only Ski Area? Locals Say No Way. |Ski Mag May '23 they say,
"So how much will membership cost at Homewood if the plan moves forward? JMA hasn’t announced a pricing model yet, although the company that will manage it, Discovery Land Company, also manages Yellowstone Club, where there’s a $300K initiation fee, followed by annual dues of around $40K."
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