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Currency Exchange Rate: £ 1 = $1.55
a/o Aug. 2010 See: and

240v 50Hz.
Auto: 12 V (They plan to convert to 42 v.)

Weather: at VisitScotland
The Weather Channel: Edinburgh, Inverness,
Mountain Weather Information Service
BBC Weather (Ft. William)
Mon. Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 43°F 32°F 38°F 2.20 in.
Feb 43°F 32°F 38°F 1.70 in.
Mar 47°F 34°F 41°F 2.00 in.
Apr 52°F 37°F 45°F 1.60 in.
May 57°F 42°F 50°F 2.00 in.
Jun 63°F 47°F 55°F 2.00 in.
Jul 65°F 50°F 58°F 2.20 in.
Aug 65°F 50°F 58°F 2.60 in.
Sep 61°F 47°F 54°F 2.60 in.
Oct 55°F 42°F 49°F 2.60 in.
Nov 47°F 35°F 42°F 2.50 in.
Dec 44°F 33°F 39°F 2.30 in.

Telephone Directories: White Pages
UK Yellow Pages
Note 1: To call Scotland or England from the US you need to drop the leading "0" usually listed on their web pages and dial 011 44 first. (011 - International Access Code, 44 - Country code for UK)
For the Tourist Board "(01506) 832121", dial "011 44 1506 832121"

History, Culture, etc


National Rail
Bus 0871 266 33 33
Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries Transport Direct - Information for door-to-door travel for both public transport and car journeys around Britain.


Sample Travel Time/Distance
London to Edinburgh 403 mi. 6:45 hrs.
Edinburgh to Glasgow 45 mi. 1 hr.
London to Glasgow 405 mi. 6:30 hrs.
Glasgow to Arran 47 mi. 1:45 (incl Ferry)
Arran to Inverness (Lock Ness) 200 mi. 5 hrs (incl ferry )
Inverness to Edinburgh 157 mi. 3 1/4 hrs.
London to York 3 1/2 hrs.
York to Glasgow 213 mi. 3:45 hrs.
Carlisle to Ardrossan (Arran ferry) 2 hrs A74(M), A71
York to Leeds 45 min.
The Royal Standard of the King of Scots, also known as the Royal Flag of Scotland or the Lion Rampant, is the flag used historically by the King of Scots. It remains the personal banner of the monarch and use of this flag is restricted under the Act of the Parliament of Scotland 1672 cap. 47 and 30 & 31 Vict. cap. 17.

Despite the legal restrictions concerning the use of this flag, it is often regarded as a second, albeit unofficial, national flag for Scotland, most often seen at sporting events.

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