last updated 11 Feb 2023
Installation -
  1. Check for underground utilities in the path.
  2. Plan flow preferably to a point that is lower than the area to be drained.
    Otherwise you may have to put a sump at the end to hold the water or pump it out.
    Mimimum slope for solid pipe is 1% (1 inch per 8 ft) 2% (2" per 8') for corrugated pipe. 3% is best.
  3. Dig - The trench should be about 18 inches deep and 9 to 12 inches wide.
    consider a trencher rental to get your project done.
  4. Line the trench with fabric. Leave the filter fabric open with at least 10 inches of excess fabric at the sides to wrap over the top.
  5. Pipe and Gravel - There are 2 ways to do this:
    a. Gravel around the pipe, bottom, top and sides. b. Pipe on the bottom with gravel on the sides and top.
    The Frrench Drain Man recommends b with the pipe on the bottom, so you don't have excess water below the pipe which can attract roots from trees which can eventually get into the pipe and clog it.

Problems: (clogged drains)