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Spine Trail (Sully's Trail): 7 miles out and back, 1,358 ft. elevation gain
Fitzgerald Marine Bluff Trail (Moss Beach Trail, Cypress Grove) 1 mi. loop
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The HalfMoon Bay website calls Moss Beach A Nature-Filled Getaway
A former stop on the Ocean Shore Railroad, the quiet community of Moss Beach has lured visitors since its inception in the 1880s. Today, the railroad is long gone, but the magnificent coastal splendor remains.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve The tide pool zone, which projects into the Pacific Ocean almost 1000 feet; at low tide visitors can gingerly traverse and explore the slippery tide pools.
A variety of algae, crabs, sponges, seastars, mollusks, and fish make their homes in the inter-tidal; that area between low and high tide.
Home to a colorful variety of marine life including sea urchins, anemone, sponges, hermit crabs, sea stars, sponges, mollusks, alge, fish and more. Shorebirds, harbor seals and the occasional sea otter can be spotted, and with the ever evolving tide pools, the Reserve delivers a unique experience at each visit.
The optimum time for exploring the tide pool area is when the tide is low, about 1 foot or less.

From early March through the end of June, the Bay Area's year-round population of harbor seals will grow by close to 100 pups, many born at Moss Beach.
Careless visitors to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve sometimes wander too close to the 300-odd seals that are gathered on the sunny beach in the spring, startling the seals and causing a frenzied rush out to sea injuring pups.
Rangers have tried, over time, to keep visitors at a distance whenever the harbor seals are out on the three-mile beach -- they have six favorite spots at low tide and spend at least seven hours a day resting, warming themselves and feeding their young. Rangers set out cones 300 feet from the seals. You can be fined by crossing the cones.
See: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve | Santa Monica Co. Parks Department
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve | VisitHalfMoon Bay

Moss Beach Distillery:
Opened in 1927 as Frank's Place, named after its owner Frank Torres--would prove popular with bootleggers and rum-runners during the wild, Prohibition-era of the 1930s.
The outdoor terrace fills with diners enjoying the knock-out views of Pacific and the surrounding coastline, while fire pits and blankets provide warmth into the night. See Home - Moss Beach Distillery

Sam's Chowder House
At the north end of Half Moon Bay just south of Moss Beach.
They also have a ChowderMobile truck usually parked near the Chevron Stration on the highway in Moss Beach.
They serve sustainable ocean fresh seafood, reminiscent of a New England style seafood house. Voted "Best Seafood in the Bay Area" by the San Francisco Bay Area A-List, and named "Top Three Outdoor Dining Spots in the Bay Area" by San Francisco Magazine, this iconic Half Moon Bay restaurant serves lobster, crab, fish and chips, fried calamari, fresh oysters and clams from the raw bar, and many fresh fish dishes such as salmon and halibut. NBC-TV's The TODAY Show featured Sam's famous Lobster Rolls, which were selected by the Food Editor as one of the five "Best Sandwiches in America". This casual, family-friendly restaurant includes outdoor oceanfront dining with a pet-friendly patio. A great oceanfront spot for Half Moon Bay beach wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, corporate events, off-sites and corporate teambuilding, Sam's offers six different venues for private dining.
See Sam's Chowder House

Seton Coastside Hospital - 650 563-7100
600 Marine Blvd., Moss Beach

Coastside Fire Protection District 650 728-3022
501 Stetson St, Moss Beach, CA

Distance from Moss Beach
Location Miles Time *
San Francisco 22 27 min
San Francisco Airport 21 40 min
Palo Alto 33 42 min
Berkeley 34 49 min
Napa 68 1:25
Davis 94 1:40
Lake Tahoe
225 3:42
* Time for a weekday 9AM
Shared space inspired by nature $92 Small room with private bath down the hall.
670 Poplar St, Half Moon Bay, CA

PRIVATE ENTRY/BATHROOM~Peaceful Oceanview Backyard $53
360 8th St. Montera.

Studio Near Harbor/Half Moon Bay $120
235 Francisco St, El Granada, CA
$120.00 x 2 nights $240.00
Cleaning fee $70.00
Service fee $43.76
Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) 10% $24

Harbor View Inn, 3.3 $105
51 Ave Alhambra, El Granada, CA 94018

Caffé Mezza Luna , 240 Capistrano Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA
Coffee, Bakery

Midcoast Region
Moss Beach, CA: A Nature-Filled Getaway
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve | Santa Monica Co. Parks Department
Seal Cove Cypress Tree Tunnel in Moss Beach, CA
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Seal Cove Inn $400 per night
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