House   Senate   Governors
Rep Dem Rep Dem Ind Rep Dem Ind
2010 178 255 41 57 2 24 26
2011 239 188 47 51 2 29 18 1
Senators Joe Lieberman (CT) and Bernie Sanders (VT) are independents but organize with Democrats.
As of Nov. 14 the Alaska results had not been determined, but write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski is almost sure to win and is counted as republican.

Republicans gained at six Senate seats, and tea party favorites Rand Paul in Kentucky, Mike Lee in Utah and Marco Rubio in Florida were among their winners.

The GOP also wrested 11 governorships from the Democrats, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maine among them, and gave two back, California and Hawaii.

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Tea Party:
Score for major races below: Wins: 5, Losses: 6 Tea Party wins in Florida (Marco Rubio - senate), (Rick Scott - Governor) and Kentucky (Rand Paul) were as expected.
Losses in New York (Cuomo d. Paladino) and California (Boxer d. Fiorino) were also what you would expect in blue states. Brown (D) also defeated Whitman (R) for Calif. governor, although Whitman did not associate herself with the Tea Party.

Other results:
Tea Party winners:
Toomey d. Sestak in Pennsylvania
Bachmann d. Clark for the house in Minnesota

Tea Party loosers:
Reid d. Angle in Nevada
Coons d. O'Donnell in Delaware
Murkowski d. Miller in Alaska
Pallone d. Little for the house in New Jersey

Among her 60 endorsements, Sarah Palin had thrown her weight behind losing Senate races from Nevada's Angle, Delaware's Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell, California's Carly Fiorina and West Virginia's John Raese as well as Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo.

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