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The Tuckerman Ravine Trail starts behind the Trading Post at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. (2,032')
It's 2.4 mi to the Hermit Lake Lodge (HoJos) (3,875')
On busy day's there is a ranger there and they may sell candy bars.
Total of 3.1 mi to Lunch Rocks (3,875' total cumulative gain 2,400')

There is avalanche danger early in the season and danger from falling ice chunks (the size of small cars) from the thousands of tons of ice which accumulate on the ledge above headwall.
There are crevasses as the snow melts away from the rocks that are dangerous.
The river which runs beneath the snow from headwall down to Hermit lake and holes can open up in the snow with danger of ending up in the river or rocks below.
Deaths 1994-2003: '94-2, '96-2, '97-1, '01-1, '02-2.

Mt. Washington:
The 6,288-foot summit of Mt. Washington, as most New Hampshire residents will proudly tell you, peaks at the intersection of three major storm tracks, which results in cold (as low as minus 113 degrees Fahrenheit) and moisture (an average of 21 feet of snow annually in the upper elevations). Mt. Washington also holds the record for the highest wind--231 miles per hour--measured anywhere on the planet.

The left and right gullies have pitches of 35-45°
The Center Headwall averages 60°
See: Skiing Tuckerman Ravine for other lines.

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