last updated 11 Dec 2018

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 - Pad vs Stand (stand allows hands free face id and facetime) 
 - Sticky surface (e.g. rubber) so base and phone don't slide around
 - 7.5 watt charging rate  (a charger which charges an android phone
 at 10 watts, may only charge an iPhone at the minimum 5 watts.
 - Get a charger which supports the Qi standard.
 The new iPhones only support Qi.
  - Most cases allow it to work.
Charger Type Price MW Amaz Comments
RAVPower RP-PC069 Wireless Charging Stand $35 4 (EC) 4 (150) QC3.0 power supply included.
Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand $50 4 4.5 (446)
Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand Stand $37 4 4 (6,073)
Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ pad $60 4.5 (EC)3.5 (35)
Anker PowerPort Wireless 10 pad $224.0 need a Quick Charge USB adapter to get 10 W on android
RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger pad $45 4  
RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger + QC3.0 Adapter pad $30 4(EC)  
RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger pad $16 4  
Spigen Essential F306W Fast Wireless Charger pad $50 4.5 (EC) The version on amazon got 3 stars because of reliability.
Model F306W is an improved version.
Apple AirPower pad Not released as of Dec. '18
MW = Mac World Rating
EC = Editors Choice
Amaz - Amazon
The best wireless chargers for iPhone | Macworld