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Flickr (Yahoo) and Picasa (Google) are the two largest ones now. Both keep adding features and the reviews I saw depend on when they were done and features don't agree.
Both have clients you can load on your computer to help with uploading-organizing.
Flickr is still the most used (25 million vs 1/2 million in June 2010), but you will see proponents of both.
On two Sierra Club outings in 2011, Picasa was the favorite for sharing trip pictures.

Note: The following came from various (sometimes conflicting) sources. I have not verified it, you will have to check yourself until I get time. Sometimes they don't tell you until 30 days before the fact that they are going to delete your pictures if you don't buy something. Letting you get really invested in the site so you are stuck.
flickr (yahoo) picasa (Google) SmugMug $ Snapfish kodak gallery Shutter-
unlimited storage y 1. n y y5. y5. y5.
Price per year free1.
pro $25
pro $20
$40-150 free3. free3.  
Max. Photo Size (MB) 10-20 20 12-24 5 9
4x6 print price * * 19-21¢ 15¢
tags on photos y
privacy controls y y y
Visitor stats y y n
Image edit y y n
video y n
Formats 4. .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .tif, .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mov, raw .jpg .jpg, .gif, .png  
Rating 1-5
PhotoSharingReviews.com 3 3.5 4.5 3.5 3
Mac Format
uploading 4 5 3
sharing 4 5 1
printing 3 3 5
* Must pick print services with various prices
1. 200 most recent photos on free account
2. One site says you must log in once every 90 days, but I have pictures out there without logging for over a year.
3. Must purchase prints within a year
4. Flickr allows you to input .tiff but converts them to .jpg
5. Requires 1 purchase per year

From a Mac: I had done this twice over a year ago, but couldn't remember how to do it.
I went to organizer and created a new set name. It said to drag items into it, but didn't say from where. Help said to drag them from the findr, but didn't say where the findr was or how to get the pictures there. I googled uploading Mac to Flickr and it pointed me to an iPhoto plug-in. I took a gamble and downloaded it and sure enough it put a link in the export menu for the plug-in. I guess when I upgraded it deleted the old plug-in. It created two entries one blank in flickr for each photo. One photo didn't show up I tried it again and it showed progress as all 25 M was uploaded, but apparently the file was too large. I reduced it and then it worked.

I went to picasa and logged into my google account. It brought up a page which says "Get started with Picasa". You click on My Photos and you name your album then it asks you who you want to share it with. Everyone is not an option so I assume it wants me to give them a list of names. ...
At the end it asked me who I wanted to notify and I just sent the message to myself then forward the url. It worked. I didn't have to define a friends group on picasa.
Uploading was straightforward using their web interface, but you have to specify each picture individually. They have a batch uploaded like Flickr and Flickr also has a web interface for uploading, but it was not obvious how to find it.

All in all I found picasa a little easier for uploading.

Top 15 Most Popular Image Hosting Websites at eBiz|MBA
I've tried to include more recent 2009-10 reviews. You will find old reviews 2007 which are obsolete because of changes in both services.
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