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Note: Google is always trying to improve by applying artificial intelligence to interpret what you are looking for, so rules may change over time.

Useful commands in the search string:
Notation - search command is enclosed in [ ] below.
  OR - Conditional results (you can use "|" in place of OR)
  AND - Is always the default so is not necerssary
  [-word]  - Exclude results with word e.g. [newark -deleware]
  "NBA playoffs"   exact phrase
  "Goerge * Bush"  Wild Card - 1 string (word or initial) (use * * for two words)
     (Does not match null. i.e. will not find "George Bush")
  ~ Synonyms:  ~reviews = reviews, review, reviewer, guide, rating, prices,
                         opinions, comparisons
      ~vintage = old, antique, ...  (good for photos)
    [2000..2009]  2000, 2001, ... 2009
Try Advanced Search or use the commands below for more sophisticated searches.
site: Restrict results to a website or domain
link: Find pages that link to a web page
filetype: Find documents of the specified type
allinanchor: All query words must appear in links to the page
inanchor: Terms must appear in links to the page
allintext: All query words must appear in the text of the page
intext: The terms must appear in the text of the page
allintitle: All query words must appear in the title
intitle: The terms must appear in the title of the page
allinurl: All query words must appear in the URL
inurl: The terms must appear in the URL of the page
author: Find Groups messages from the specified author
group: Find Groups messages from the specified newsgroup
insubject: Find Groups messages with the specified subject
msgid: Find Groups messages with the specified msgid
location: Find News articles from sources located in the specified location
store: Find Froogle products from the specified store
cache: Show cached version of web page
info: Find information about a web page
related: List web pages similar the specified web page
define: Lookup definition
Search Operators at: www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators.html
Search Operators - Google Search Tips - LibGuides at MIT Libraries
Advanced Search gives you these options in a form.
Search Operators - Google Search Tips - LibGuides at MIT Libraries
Case doesn't matter "CA" is the same as "ca"
Search most recent:
   Click on "Search Tools" in search results page
   Then on "Any Time" to get time choices.
   or go to www.google.com/advanced_search
   or edit the address in the location barThe syntax of the string to add to the end of the URL is &tbs=qdr:
   plus d, w, m or y for day, week, month or year.  Thus:
     &tbs=qdr:h [past hour]
     &tbs=qdr:d [past 24 hours (day)]
     &tbs=qdr:w [past week]
     &tbs=qdr:m [past month]
     &tbs=qdr:y [past year]

 Get the date a page was modified:
     Insert the code javascript:alert(document.lastModified) in the address bar.
     (Does not work with safari)
     Download the Link Diagnosis Firefox extension from LinkDiagnosis.
     Right-click on the webpage
 Searching with latitude and longitude coordinates:
 37.771008, -122.41175
 +37\0xFFFD 14.596', -118\0xFFFD 43.611'

 Other Tips:
   Note: Google keeps refining their search engine.  Some of the numbers below have changed.
   Word sequence matters:
      [duck blind] gives 1.2M hits with "duck blind" high on the list
      [blind duck] gives 500K hits
   Automatic synonyns:
    Search usually includes plurals of words e.g. "phone" also finds "phones"
    However, tense does matter: search the web produces 80 M hits
                                searching the web produces 3 M hits
    Words for numbers are not the same:
              fifty states also finds "50 states" and 31 M hits
              50 states does not find "fifty states" and gets 9 M hits
    ["fisherman's wharf" "san Francisco" California] finds "san francisco, ca" also
       ["fisherman's wharf"  San Francisco, CA] gives 8M hits
       ["fisherman's wharf" "san Francisco" California] gives 8M hits
       ["fisherman's wharf" "san Francisco" California OR CA] gives 10M hits
       I don't know why
  • If you get a "Page Not Found (040 error)" or the page you get doesn't have the item you searched for.
    Go back and look for "Cached" at the end of the item in the search result.
    Click it to go the the old copy of the page that was indexed.
  • If a page is very close to what you want, go back and click on "Similar Pages" in the search result to get other pages like it.
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