Plaques come in a variety of styles:
Materials (8x10"): Aluminum ($220), Bronze ($360), Brass, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium ($60), Alder Wood
Raised letters - Cast, Magnesium etched (5x3 $50)
Engraved/Etched: Laser Etched, Acid etched, Engraved, Painted

They can include pictures or logos. An computer generated EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) version is preferred but PDF vector format will work.
A bronze stake is $70. Casting can take 4-5 weeks




Raised etched magnesium

Other examples:
Custom Metal Plaques & Engraved Metal Plaques (
Metal Wall Plaque | Metal Plaque | Cast Metal Plaque | Personalized Metalm (
Outdoor Plaques at
Outdoor Plaques at

Crown Trophy in NJ said they can make a 5x3 all weather magnesium etched plate with raised logo and letters to attach to a bench for about $30.

They recommended bronze casting for rock mounting, because magnesium and aluminum do not hold up well.

An 8 x 10" bronze casted plaque with a brown leatherette oxide finish with antique gold lettering will be about $??.

Cast bronze plaques are better for mounting on stone or cement. Aluminum will tarnish and pit after

 Plaques  2x3" - 16x24"
 Memorial & Cremation Plaques  4.75 x 6 - 12 x 22
 House Signs  4x12 - 6x24
Font Size:
 Minimum for a cast plaque 16 points (0.22")
Ballpark guide
4x12" plaque
Visible from 3 ft  44 letters/line x 5 lines = 220 letters
Visible from 5 ft  33 letters/line x 4 lines = 123 letters
A header and/or border will reduce this
3 x 12 plaque 

 Cast plaques:
 Cheltenham, Helvetica, Century Schoolbook and Times New Roman.
 Helvetica/Arial      How vexing able  " : 1234
 Times New Roman      How vexing able  " : 1234
 Times New Roman Bold How vexing able  " : 1234
Century Schoolbook   How vexing able " : 1234

Some places can use any Microsoft Word fonts for casted plaques.
 Engraved Plaques
 Other fonts:
 Images of Fonts For Bronze Casting Plaques (
Times New Roman     How vexing able  " : 1234
Goudy Old Style     How vexing able " : 1234
Palatino            How vexing able  " : 1234
Garamond            How vexing able  " : 1234
Arial Narrow        How vexing able  " : 1234
Blue Ribbon Awards San Serif and Serif Fonts
Top 10 Standard Sans-Serif and Serif Fonts for signs | Capitol Marking Products, Inc.
Fabricated Letters Stainless Fonts - Pricing (
Letter Styles | The Southwell Co. | Cast Metal Plaques, Cut Out Letters & Signs
Font page here

Visibility Chart
3" 30' 100'
4" 40' 150'
6" 60' 200'
10" 100' 450'
The Southwell Co. | Cast Metal Plaques, Historical Markers, Cut Out Letters & Signs Since 1866
Precision Engraving (973) 887-3350 13 Ridgedale Rd. East Hanover, NJ

Bronze Plaques ( 24 inch by 12 inch memorial plaques, Memorial plaques for garden settings and near trees.
Raised Metal | Crown Trophy

Bas Relief - 3-dimensional
Flat Relief- 2 dimensional

A realistic cast stone monument made from construction-grade Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) with a bronze plaque can cost from $600-800.
See Memorial Rock or Boulder | Like Valley Monuments.

A real stone will cost from 15 - 45¢ per pound. A 2x2x1 ft stone will weigh around 600 lbs, so that is $90-250.

Granite has a density of about 160 lbs/cu ft
Boulder weight

Diameter  cu ft  lbs.
    1.5    1.8   282   $ 40 - $  120
    2      4.2   670   $100 - $  300
    3     14.1  2,260  $340 - $1,020

Crown Trophy "America's Largest Awards Supplier" Monday Through Friday 9:00AM - 4:30PM 205C Route 22 East, Green Brook NJ 08812 732-968-3455 Hours: Rios' Engraving - 1 Maple Avenue @ 202, Morristown, NJ Big Hug Remembrance Gifts, 1945 Tiverton Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248.594.1560
Donor Signage Guidelines UCSF
Viewing Distances
Size & Shape Phoenix Foundry
Letter Styles | The Southwell Co. | Cast Metal Plaques, Historical Markers, Cut Out Letters & Signs Since 1866
Wood Memorial Plaques (Alder Wood)
Cast Bronze for Memorial Plaques and Signs (
Advanced Architectural Cast Stone - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
Atlas Signs and Plaques - How to Install Signs and Plaques

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How Long Will My Exterior Sign Last?

Metal Plaques

milled aluminum   lifetime warranty  4x6  $75

Non-metal plaques (wood, urethane, plastic, ...) materials
Engraved, V-groove
Carved - 

V-groove routed signs

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Tool Is Used In Prototyping And Full Production For Cutting, Carving, Machining And Milling In Wood, Mdf, Plastics, Foams, And Aluminum.

Solid Cherry plaques  $33 for 5x7