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Sealing pipe joints, connections, sinks,

Replacing shut off valves:
A 1/4 turn ball valve is better than the old types of compression valve.
See How To Replace A Leaking Water Shut Off 1/4 turn Ball Valve Angle Stop - YouTube

Over tightening can split the female connection because of the taper.
Tighten it finger-tight then use a wrench to align the outlet so the flex line to the faucet will reach it. If you used a lot of plumbers tape you may have to tighten it some more with the wrench, but see if it leaks first.

Kitchen Sink Drain Flange (Strainer Basket) at the bottom of a sink.
Use plumber's putty, a LOT more of it than you think you need. Roll it into a tube, put it around the hole, overlapping the ends, then press down the drain flange. A lot of excess putty will squirt out both the top and bottom, but it does not matter.
There is no wait time after the putty has been compressed and should stay flexible for many years.

Some people prefer silicone between the sink and basket rather than Plumber's putty.
See Installing A Kitchen Sink Drain Basket - Connecting Sink To Drain Pipe

ABS - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene
  Used in mobile home and residential drainage systems to provide gas service. ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
BSPP British Standard Pipe Thread Parallel
BSPT British Standard Pipe Thread Tapered
CPVC - Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
  Pipe with excellent chemical, crush and fire resistance. High impact. FIP - Female Iron Pipe (NPT)
FPT - Female Pipe Thread (same as FIP)
IPT - Iron Pipe Thread IPS - Iron Pipe Size (old system)
IPS - Iron Pipe Straight Thread - Generic Name for Straight Pipe Thread (NPSH)
IPS - Pipe from IPS Corporation
MHT - Male Hose Thread
MIP - Male Iron Pipe
MPT - Male Pipe Thread MIPS - Male Iron Pipe size
MPT - Male Pipe Thread
NPT - National Pipe Tapered Thread - American Standard Pipe Taper Thread
Tapered threads are deeper at the end of the pipe and are increasingly shallower the further they are from the end of the pipe. The taper on the pipe only allows the pipe to screw inside the fitting until it is forced to stop because of the taper. After tightening with a wrench the threads may have slight spaces between the pipe and fitting which could cause a leak so a pipe sealant should be used to ensure any gaps are filled.

NPTF - National Pipe Thread Fuel

NPTF threads are designed so that when the threads are mated, they actually deform to create a mechanical seal. Since the seal is created by the threads themselves, a thread seal agent is not required (though may be used as a lubricant).

NPS - National Pipe Straight
NPSC - National Pipe Straight Coupling Pipe Thread
NPSH - National Pipe Straight Hose or just National Standard Thread
NPTR - National Pipe Taper Railing Pipe Thread
NPSM - National Pipe Straight Mechanical Pipe Thread
NPSL - National Pipe Straight Locknut Pipe Thread
NPSF - National Pipe Straight Fuel
Creates a mechanical seal due to the deformation of the threads. NPTF- National Pipe Tapered Fuel (Dryseal)
  NPTF threads are designed so that when the threads are mated, they actually deform to create a mechanical seal. PB - Polybutylene - Only flexible plastic tubing suitable for use with hot and cold water in pressure systems.
PE - Polyethylene.
PEX - Cross-linked Polyethylene.
  Polyethylene resin which has been subject to a process known as cross-linking. Through one of several processes, bridge-type links are created between the polyethylene molecules, making them more durable, more resistant to higher temperatures and more chemical resistant.

PTFE - Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene)
PVC - (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe
  The most common material used today for household drainpipes and vents.
  It is finding renewed acceptance as a copper substitute in pressurized water supply lines.

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