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last updated 14 June 2019

Over $250,000 worth of bikes are stolen in the city of Davis and on the UCD Campus each year.
Things to do before your bike is stolen:

Register your bike at TAPS - UC Davis Transportation and Parking Services 

   Bike Dept. 530 752-2453 at Hutchison La Rue Intersection
Take a picture of your bike
Write down the serial Number
Good Practices: Contact the Davis Bike Club about getting a tile to attach to your bike for tracking.
Crime Prevention Tips to Prevent Bike Theft | City of Davis Theft Prevention | UCD Transportation Services Theft Prevention | MIT
When your bike goes missing: Possibilities:
Someone just borrowed it. Bikes have turned up someplace else on campus. With 15,000 - 20,000 bicycles at UC Davis on peak-use days it will be hard to find, but it has been done by chance. Someone took it home and abandoned it. The police will pick up abandoned bikes and return them if they are registered. or sell them at the UCD Bicycle Auctions Abandoned Bike Policy | UCD Transportation Services Someone stole it They may sell it on eBay (They have turned up in the East Bay and Sacramento) Check flea Markets and pawn shops. Police recover 69 bikes sold to Sacramento-area pawn shops. | Davis Enterprise Bikes were stolen In the fall of 2018 from campus and town. Stolen bikes have been reported to have shown up at a bike shop in the mall near Trader Joes on Russell Blvd. A transient took it and left it at one of the transient camps along the railroad and other places. They may cannibalize it whatever parts they can sell In 2016 Dixon police recovered 31 bikes from a u-haul van See What Happens to Stolen Bicycles? |
What to Do: Notify UC Davis Police (530) 752-1230‬ Online Crime Reporting Report a Stolen Bike | City of Davis, CA 530 747-5400 Online Crime Reporting | City of Davis, CA Bike Recovery System - Davis - LocalWiki Where do stolen bikes go? : UCDavis : Reddit Report it with a picture on the Nextdoor app Check craigslist for Sacramento and the SF bay area(East Bay). Set up multiple Google alerts with information matching your bike. That way if it turns up for online sale—or if a local chop shop gets raided—you’ll be notified. If you never registered it, go to the bike auction early and they will let you look for it. See 9 things to do AFTER your bike's stolen! | The Best Bike Lock
Links:   UCD Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program (Requires Flash IE, Safari, Firefox)
9 things to do AFTER your bike's stolen! | The Best Bike Lock

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