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Higher rated glues in Consumer Reports - Oct 2007 (See article for more)
(1 - Poor, 3- Good, 5 - Excellent)
Brand Score Wood Plastic * Metal Water Resistance Glass
Loctite Sumo Glue 1, 4 77 5 5 2 4
Elmer's Ultimate 1, 4 76 5 4 3 4
Gorilla Glue 1, 4 60 5 3 2 3
Liquid Nails Rhino Ultra Glue 1, 4 54 5 4 1 3
3M Scotch Super Strength Adhesive 2, 4 26 2 2 1 3
SuperGlues (Cyanoacrylate) Score Wood Plastic 5 Metal Water Resistance Glass
Krazy Glue Advanced Formula 66 3 5 2 4
Loctite Super Glue Control Liquid 65 4 5 2 4
Devcon Super Glue 62 4 5 1 4
Liquid Nails Perfect Glue 2 62 - 4 - 5
Elmer's Super Glue 60 - 5 1 4
The Original Super Glue 58 3 5 1 5
3M Scotch Super Glue Liquid 56
Wood Glues Score Wood Plastic Metal Water Resistance Glass
Elmer's ProBond Interior/Exterior Wood Glue 100 5 - - -
Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue 100 5 - - -
DAP 94 5 - - -
Liquid Nails Woodworking and Furniture Adhesive 76 4 - - -
Amazing Goop Wood and Furniture Contact Adhesive and Sealant 32 1 - - -
Liquid Nails Perfect Glue 25 1 - - 5
Devcon Plastic Steel High Strength Epoxy 79 5 3 5 5
Elmer's Super Fast Epoxy Cemen 59 5 3 2 5
Loctite Quick Set Epoxy 55 5 3 1 5
1-Polyurethane glue. 2-Contact cement. 3-Silicone glue. 4-Claims water resistance.
5. Some epoxies say they are not good for polyethylene or polypropylene Some like Animal Hide not rated.
Source: ConsumerReports.org

* Flexible Plastic - Polyolefins - Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP)
Most (all?) of the plastic glues exclude PP and PE.
Polyolefins are the plastic many glue containers and superglue caps are made of. They are very difficult to bond on account of their non-polar, non-porous and chemically inert surfaces.
Both of these plastics are also flexible so if you use a glue that gets hard/stiff/brittle it will pop loose.
Polystyrene behaves very diferently to Polyprpoylene. Just about any solvent will melt styrene.

Scotch-Weld™ DP-8005 is a solvent-free, two-part, acrylic-based, structural plastic adhesive designed to structurally bond polyolefins to themselves and to many other substrates.
Permabond POP primer used with Permabond 105 acrylate, was also recommended.

Plastics material properties charts report that Polyprpoylene is soluble in methyl ethyl ketone, methyl chloride, amyl acetate, toluene and chloroform to mention a few. Try softening the surfaces with solvent and clamp together. (Brian R, Woodwork Froum)

Hot melt glue quite often is polypropylene, hence the reason it sticks well to polypropylene parts. Essentially it is being welded to itself. To get the polypropylene or hot glue shot (or both) to bond to the machine piece, the piece needs to have a rougher (pitted) texture to allow mechanical bonding.

Plastic hot air welding guns were also suggested.

Stealth 316 - Sealing and Bonding Polypropylene and Polyethylene
Master Bond Bonding Solutions for Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Other Polyolefins

Epoxies are widely used in the two-component adhesives industry for many reasons; among them are outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, good strength, the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, and diversity of formulation potential.

New applications for adhesives are developed daily, as adhesives continue to replace mechanical bonding devices such as rivets, bolts, and welds due to improved performance, improved stress distribution, weight savings without strength reduction, noise and vibration reduction, improved aesthetics, and the increasing use of plastic substrates.

One of the best measures of flexibility and adhesion is peel strength. 20-25 pli.
Lap Shear Strength: 1000-2800 psi
Tensile Strength: 4000-9000 psi
Compression Strength: 15,000 psi

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. is pleased to announce the development of EP21TDCHT, a new two component epoxy adhesive with high peel and shear strength.
Resistant to vibration, impact, shock, and thermal cycling, 2-component EP21TDCHT bonds dissimilar substrates, including metals, glass, ceramics, rubbers, and plastics, with different coefficients of expansion. It cures at room temperatures and has service operating temperature range of -100 to +350F. With 70 shore D hardness and tensile strength over 3,500 psi, bonds resist water, oils, and organic solvents. Product exhibits tensile modulus of 175,000 psi.

Use J-B WELD as an adhesive, laminate, plug, filler, sealant, and electrical insulator.
Like metal, J-B WELD can be formed, drilled, ground, tapped, machined, filled, sanded, and painted. It stays pliable for about 30 minutes after mixing, sets in 4-6 hours, and cures fully in 15-24 hours. It's water-proof; petroleum-, chemical-, and acid-resistent; resists shock, vibration, and extreme temperature fluctuations, and withstands temperatures up to 500°.

Creative Materials Incorporated's Epoxy Adhesives Model 106-21
Tensile Strength Min 9200 psi

Properties (psi)
Tensile Strength: 3960
Adhesion: 1800
Flex Strength: 7320
Tensile Lap Shear: 1040
Shrinkage: 0.00%
Resistant to: 500 F
Devcon Permatex GE Sealants and Adhesives
Loctite Products and Loctite at Henkelna.com
Elmers Glue

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