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Take it easy, dress properly, maintain proper posture, stretch before and after.
Pick a shovel that fits you and doesn't cause you to bend over unnecessarily.
Or use a snow pusher to push it to the side instead of lifting it.
The best method for driveways that have clearance on both sides is to start in the middle and throw the snow toward one edge of the driveway.
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Metal is generally more rigid than plastic but heavier. Steel on the leading edge can extend a shovel's life and make it more effective in hard-packed snow, though the edge may scratch a delicate surface such as decking. A scoop about 24 inches across is good for a few inches of light snow; narrower is better when snow is deep or wet and heavy. A deeply curved scoop can clear a lot of snow; a shallow scoop is OK for pushing snow but spills when lifted. High scoop sides contain snow and can reduce flexing.

Flat shovels are better at cutting through deep snowdrifts, such as clearing areas left by a plow.
Rounded scoops can push snow, allowing you to make a steady pass down the sidewalk or scoop the snow up to remove it completely.


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