last updated 13 June 2024
In the 1968 Movie "2001: A space odyssey" The computer in a space ship takes over . HAL controls most of the functions on the ship and used natural language to communicate with the crew.
There was a lot of speculation of what computers could do from good things like language translation and medical diagnoses to taking over the world.
Experts said things like that were 30 years away.
See AI for a history.
50 years later AI has become ubiquitous and there are new concerns about the dangers and a lot of political discussion about how to keep it from getting out of hand.

Machine learning has evolved with a lot things that are very useful

Some are contentious like eliminating jobs e.g. handwriting recognition, which has replaced human mail sorters with machines. But they make businesses more productive and create new jobs.

But some of the new technology has been misused.
Generative AI has been used for things like:

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